How to do Fragrance Layering

Layering perfumes means to wear more than one fragrance at the same time. It isn’t an easy thing to do this is why you should be very careful otherwise, instead of obtaining a sensational effect, you would get a disastrous one.
The first aspect you can’t underestimate is the fact that you should know very well the basics of every perfume that is involved in your combo.
As for the number of fragrances that you can layer, well, it should not be more than three. If we are talking about the quantity, the most recommended would be to use equal quantities from each perfume. Of course if one of the fragrances is much stronger than the rest, for sure this rule does not apply. A solution which I highly recommend is to apply one or two perfumes on the skin and one on your garments.
You should be very careful to each fragrance’s sillage because this aspect has a great influence over the entire bouquet of scents.
You can use this layering technique without worries because it can make you get out of the crowd very easy by having a very interesting fragrance combo.
Bear in mind that decency is without doubt the most appropriate path that leads to success. Therefore do not exaggerate and things will settle perfectly.

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