Summer Perfumes For Women 2018

Any women love to feel good, for being in such condition, you should build your self confidence. Your look is very important in that matter. Part of your look is your scent. So, of course, choosing a fine perfume is a must.

Elizabeth and James Nirvana
2017 summer scent

Well, that is a special and amazing collection of scents, all in a single bottle. Fabulous notes of Vetiver, rose and geranium, all that compose a very special scent. Extremely seductive and feminine, it is impossible not to love it.

Tom Ford – Neroli Portofino
2017 ladies summer fragrance

An amazing option for your top fragrance house Tom Ford. A great choice in general, and especially in summer night, it has top notch of orange, citrus, lavender, it manages to offer you a very uplifting, some say that is smells divine. Another aspect, is its incredible longevity. Well, yes, it stays on your skin all day long.

Jo Malone Lime Basil & Mandarin
summer fragrance 2017

Every woman should have a signature scent. Of course, this comes after years of attempts through the fantastic world of fragrances.
Jo Malone Lime Basil is a wonderful scent which in time could transform into your signature scent if you want. This perfume is a true delight, remember that, so in every season, of course, with a preference for summer, this is a fantastic choice for every woman, do not avoid this scent.

Diorissimo by Christian Dior
scent 2017

This fragrance is absolutely fabulous, a truly wonderful piece of fragrance. This is classic perfume, a very nice choice for a woman, which is having a serious experience in life and in scents world. Choosing this fragrance will surely make you feel tremendous. Diorissimo was created by Edmond Roudnitska long time ago, in 1956.

Tom Ford Soleil Blanc

2017 best fragrance for women

Well, like all Tom Ford products, that is another hit from this fabulous perfume house. It is, as many summer scents, very refreshing, but it does that in a very special way. For sure you must try this scent because you should not have any doubt that is a fabulous choice. And it is not only the fact that is released by a very successful perfume house, this perfume is truly special, that is a fact, and the ladies which try this fall in love with this fabulous scent.

Dolce by Dolce & Gabbana
womens perfume 2017

Dolce is a feminine and fresh scent. It is a fantastic choice, it’s versatility really amazes me. Absolutely great to wear day to day anywhere you go, without exception.
So yes, you could easily wear it even at the office, for example, which is let’s admit it a very important aspect. It is not so easy as you thick to find out the best option for your office days. This mission is complicated. Moreover, if in your preferences these are only fragrances which has a fabulous longevity but in the same time there are too intense.
This scent has also it’s own special charm, impossible not to notice. Practically, you will surely fall in love with these scents due to its fantastic qualities and charm. It is already a classic perfume for the ladies who knows something about fragrances.
It is for sure a wonderful solution whatever is your age, important is to love this fantastic scent. Indeed, no matter which is your age or your social position this fragrance is more than perfect. Of course it is very important to like it, yes, indeed to like it.
A wonderful and special scent which is fully capable to drive a man crazy. A great and very special combination of scents, a very nice option for a lady, no matter which is the situation you are involved. Dolce by Dolce & Gabbana is a great choice, I can assure you.

Jean Paul Gaultier – Classique Eau Fraiche Betty Boop
best ladies scent

If you are feminine, fun and love your life to the full then Classique Eau Fraiche Betty Boop is the perfect option.
Indeed this perfume is very nice and fresh. A wonderful scent for the summer. It is truly impossible not to love it, even the bottle is very cute.
At first sight you might believe that Fraiche Betty Boop is only for younger ladies. Well, partially truth, because if you have a free spirit, a young one, for sure this perfect perfume is more than great.

Bon Bon by Viktor&Rolf
best scent

Bon Bon is wonderful, a truly chic and very special perfume for summer nights. Starting from the bottle this fragrance is a wonderful one.
If you are a stylish and trendy woman this scent should be on your wish list. Launched in 2014, this perfume manages to gather a lot of special scents under one bottle. It has fabulous base notes of sandalwood and amber, heart notes of orange and jasmine, and, alluring top notes of peach and mandarin.
Despite of many specialists’ opinions, Bon Bon is a versatile scent. Versatility is crucial many times, even in the world of fragrances. Let’s admit it, a perfume must also be very useful, and a versatile one has a fantastic edge.
Bon Bon could represent a signature scent for many women, it is not important the age or any social status.
A trendy and special lady, surely, is gone love this perfume. It is very special, and it is capable of creating a special touch for any women.
This fragrance has a special scents combination, with a lot of caramel, sandalwood, jasmine, peach, orange and mandarin. It is a wonderful combo, a very special one, perfect for any lady, a great and wonderful scent which manage to put your value, no matter which is the situation where you are going to wear it.

Poison Girl Christian Dior
ladies amazing scent 2017

Poison Girl is a special and a very elegant scent from Christian Dior. This wonderful fragrance starts with a fantastic, sweet, a little fruity scent, with a cheery touch. Poison Girl is very nice, and wonderful aroma. It’s deep scent is still floral, sweet and with a little cocoa and vanilla touch.
Worth to notice it’s fantastic long lasting power. And it is a very known fact that is a very desirable quality for a perfume. Nobody wants to go to the res room time to time in order to refresh it”s perfume. A long lasting scent is absolutely great and, also it is very useful. Poison Girl is a splendid perfume, and it is appropriate for a various range of age.
Some ladies consider that Poison Girl is great especially for under 30 years women.

Versace Bright Cristal

best scent for ladies 2017

This scent is truly wonderful, even it’s bottle looks astonishing. We are talking about a very special summer perfume. It is very bright, gorgeous and very airy. Bright Cristal is actually a floral scent, with wonderful notes of magnolia, amber, lotus and a touch of musk. It works amazing, for example, to use it at the office.