Annick Goutal Rose Pompon Review 2016

Rose Pompon-Annick Goutal

Urban and contemporary and, you guessed it, I think, girly, so smell the perfume bottle is in perfect harmony with his name mischievous. Already has enough fans because it is the fragrance of the moment. The first hour of the perfume is a mixture of youth, innocence and romance created a rose transparent combined with a tempting raspberry and currant jam. That is half rose peony, pink safe, full of light and cheerfulness. It is attractive and easy to wear. Gradually, however, rose and musk scent is replaced with left innocence reach a banal sensuality that lasts for hours. Is that pays tribute to prolong existence. It becomes soft and creamy lazy, lacking shape and less tender. The residual white musk smell you feel for hours, just as I detest it. Some specialists list this fragrance as unisex , but this is a little bit aberration because in any case this scent cannot be used by men.

Rose Pompon’s packaging puts a new twist on the familiar ribbed Goutal bottle — it has ombré pink coloring and it wears a fine cord with a little metal “pendant,” rather than the traditional Goutal ribbon and gilt-paper tag. (And I’ve asked, and no: the packaging for the rest of the line will not change.) All in one an interesting package actually, despite of different tastes.

You may try this perfume, it is not cheap that is for sure, but it is worth it without any kind of doubt. Of course it depends a lot of your character, lifestyle and the moment of day when you want to wear it. Give it a chance and it will not disappoint you.

House: Annick Goutal

Year Issue 2016
Creator: Camille Goutal, Philippine Courtiere

Top notes: pink pepper, black currant, raspberry
middle notes: rose, peony
Final note: cedar, patchouli, white musk

Author: admin