Autumn perfumes for men

The season of ripe chestnuts has arrived and the boulevards are covered with copper leaves. The time has come to change our perfume with a more resistant one, with a warm composition meant to last through the seasonal clothing. In the following lines we will answer some important questions that we must consider when choosing a perfume.

A versatile and attractive perfume is a must-have in every man’s perfume collection. Therefore, choosing the perfect one is a decision that should not be made easily. After all, a perfume says a lot about the type about your personality, which is why we developed this expert guide.

Thierry Mugler A * Men

The human brain has the ability to store a wide variety of sensory information that we perceive through images, sounds or taste. However, one of the most important senses is smell. Throughout our lives the brain will create databases with different flavors and odors associated with various things. For example the association of danger with the smell of gas, smoke or fuel. Another important aspect related to this super human power is the emotional connection that is made between an event and a smell, finally obtaining memories. Because many of these memories belong to a well-defined period of time, the human brain can associate different smells with the seasons down to the smallest detail. Talented perfumers know these aspects and thus produce essences that provoke pleasant sensations and memories.

Compared to other seasons, autumn is a more complex time of year. Just like spring is a season of nature’s transformations, but the changes can vary more. The ideal autumn begins with warm and sunny days like late summers when the crops are harvested and we enjoy the multitude of fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices. The gold of the landscape will turn into dark brown tones that refer to the earthy and woody bases of autumn perfumes.

Dunhill Icon Eau de Parfum Spray for Men

It is a perfume water from the category of aromatic woods, being characterized as an expression of the natural refinement. This is characteristic of the Dunhill perfume house. A man who prefers the woody aroma of this essence.

This discreet and delicate aroma turns into spicy notes of pepper, juniper berries and cardamom. The woody base is represented by notes of oak, vetiver and agar wood. The glass is heavy, metallic, representing both masculine strength and elegance. The perfume is a perfect choice for autumn due to the presence in the composition of notes of fresh pepper and citrus oils reminiscent of late autumn harvests. Iris and lavender are used in an intelligent way, counterbalancing the aromas of sage and juniper in the composition. And thus creating a transitional scent that fuses the autumn of summer that has just passed. It is the perfect choice for special events.

Terre d’Hermès

It is a woody spicy fragrance surprising by its nature. Made of strong, deep notes that symbolize the earth but give a uplifting feeling of freedom and exaltation. Of course it is suitable for the brave man who is not afraid to look for the exceptional moments of life. It starts with a citrus aroma of oranges and grapefruit that surprises with its intensity.

Quartz earth tones refreshed by the aroma of the forests sprinkled by the summer rains make their presence easily felt through the warm woody notes. With its citrus top and earthy heart, the fragrance is reminiscent of an orchard of Mediterranean oranges. Pampered under the rays of the warm summer sun. The addition of notes of cedar, oak and vetiver gives the perfume elegance and creates an early autumn atmosphere. It is the ideal choice of perfume to be worn at the office.

Aramis de Estée Lauder

It is a woody cypress perfume that appeared in the 60’s and is extremely appreciated even today. It is a classic fragrance, strongly masculine by the leather accord. This penetrates between the smoky notes of burnt wood and musk. The perfume opens with a rich and intoxicating aroma of bergamot, thyme and pepper. That leaves room for a core of earthy patchouli that reveals a cloudy jasmine along with cloves and sage. In conclusion, a soft base of labdanum, sandalwood and guaiac wood make up a rich leather arrangement. The clear glass bottle reveals a golden liquid that shines like amber in the rays of the autumn sun.

Addressed to elegant gentlemen, of good family and intellectuals who appreciate works of art, good books and fine drinks. Connoisseurs of beauty, these refined and mature spirits will surely appreciate this strong essence whose rich bouquet of woody aromas. This make it perfect for the gloomy autumn days.

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