Best Floral Perfumes

The scent is directed directly at one of the senses, the smell, but the implications of its action go beyond the simple act of detecting a certain odor, changing states of mind, changing behaviors, relaxing, motivating, giving confidence or offering pleasure.
Any ideas you have about life and whatever your principles are, a refined perfume will never get you wrong and you will not find arguments to reject it.

The number of fragrances on the market is probably unknown to anyone. In this apparent jungle, probably many have questions, such as: How do we choose the scent that represents us when there are so many choices? The world of fragrances is a fluid, changing year after year, because buyers’ tastes and aggressive advertising campaigns make their mark on the perfume destiny. Thus, classically, eternal perfumes disappear or escape. In few copies, through scarce shops, while others, just emerging on the market, relish creators with huge profits.

Perfume group with floral heart is the most extensive due to the diversity of tones. There is an enormous variety of best floral perfumes.
Although they are most appreciated in the warm season, floral fragrances are never out of the box. Fresh, energetic, warm, sensual or simply mysterious, the flavors created by the world’s best experts remain only pleasant smells when not worn by the right person. If you feel the need to dress in a new combination of soft tones, we recommend giving a chance to Versace Eros pour Femme, the first example in our top. It is a passional and sensual fragrance that begins boldly with waves of Sicilian lemon, pomegranate and bergamot, lasts for a few minutes, sweet and intense, with peony and jasmine waves and leaves you forever in memory. For ladies who want to try something different and want to be surprised, we recommend the Gucci Bloom alternative of Indian inspiration.
Fragrances: The ingredients you find in stores are divided into several categories: fresh / fresh (citrus essences with herbal extracts), wood (sandalwood, patchouli, musk, lichen), oriental (spices exotic fruits like vanilla, cinnamon, pepper, cloves) and floral (extracts of rose, violet, jasmine, orange flowers, etc.).

The most complex and appreciated floral perfumes are seldom obtained from flowers and often contain vegetable, resins, fruits and spices that outline and highlight the main essences. They are in turn divided into classic versions, made from freshly cut flowers, soft-floral variants containing aldehydes and powdered and floral-oriental notes, which usually include sweet spices and orange flowers.

Three subcategories

The main criterion of choice is in this case the personal preferences, the three subcategories covering a multitude of combinations in which you will find the right one.

Top notes, mediums and basics: to be able to easily choose a floral fragrance at a good price you should read the composition correctly. Most formulas contain three types of essential oils that vary according to their odor intensity and evaporation rate.

Those that are perceived by the sense of smell immediately after applying to the skin are called top notes and usually include lighter volatile oils with a strong odor. In this category you will find essences extracted from boron, lemon, myrtle, mint, Ravensara, mandarin, bergamot, lemongrass.

After 15 to 30 minutes (sometimes up to 60), these fragrances are becoming less noticeable and their place is taken by the middle notes. This adds to the aromatic personality of the composition, especially in the case of perfume water and concentrated variants. They are designed to mask the aggressive odor of top notes and contain Ylang-Ylang essences, violet leaf, tuberose, pine, pepper, rosemary, thyme, nutmeg, lavender, rose, myrrh, niaouli, manuka, hisop, chamomile, eucalyptus, geranium.

The basic notes, which build the theme of the perfume together with the middle ones, are usually used to fix and intensify the first two categories. They are rich, deep and feel their presence at least 20 to 30 minutes after application, persisting up to 8 hours. Of course, this is depending on concentration. In this category you will find names such as patchouli, Vetiver, rose, sandalwood, tobacco, turmeric, violin, Meir, Neroli, cinnamon, benzoin, Angelica, jasmine, licorice.

Our Reviews:

Christian Dior Joy By Christian Dior for Women

Best Floral Perfumes

Launched by the design house of Christian Dior in the year 2018. This fragrance has a blend of mandarin orange, sandalwood, bergamot, pear, apricot, patchouli, and musk notes.

This perfume water has a special story. She started from the idea that happiness smells like light. We believe that happiness smells like Dior, and this product is the proof you need.

JOY’s aroma opens with a fragrant bouquet of bergamot and fresh tangerines, continues with notes of jasmine and roses, then closes with notes of cedar and sandalwood. Absolutely delicious!

DKNY Stories Eau de Parfum

Best Floral Perfumes

The company was founded in 1989 in New York, USA, by Donna Karan, and the name used to be its own initials plus the city’s initials – Donna Karan New York. DKNY was from the beginning the goal of bringing luxury perfumes to the market in a modern urban concept, which succeeded, but only meant high costs. This led to considerable financial difficulties for DKNY which was eventually sold. The Donna Karan New York brand has accustomed us to fruity and delicious aromas. This time, the emphasis is on the floral notes of iris and jasmine. Stories is a perfume with an oriental touch, its mysterious aroma of guava and black cardamom blending perfectly with the feminine floral notes. DKNY Stories is a fragrance that captures the spirit, style and optimism of New York City. Inspired by a new generation of brave and dynamic women, DKNY Stories is full of life and emotion, inventing and reinventing the personality, style and story of each of us. DKNY Stories is an oriental-floral with a feminine and modern side, combining ingredients such as Pink Guava Mousse, Black Iris and Vanilla. Base notes: amber, white sandalwood, vanilla Heart notes: white tea, iris, jasmine. Top notes: black cardamom, guava, pink pepper.

Kenzo Flower Eau De Parfum

Best Floral Perfumes

If you are looking for a unique perfume that will become a classic in your collection, you could stay at Flower by Kenzo. Composed of three accords: floral, vibrant and powdered, the fragrance skillfully combines the notes of jasmine, Parma violets and Bulgarian rose with those of sweet vanilla and musk. Opoponax and jasmine. A subtle, oriental olfactory imprint that should be marketed in powder form to highlight its density and projection. A very balanced mixture, which will never be considered offensive to those around the wearer. Even today, the Kenzo Flower perfume is considered a gem of local perfumery, a truly timeless and inspirational essence, which presents a more than affordable price considering the uniqueness of the scent it exposes. The three sequences of Kenzo perfume are determined by three atypical floral ingredients, identifiable as Cassis, white hawthorn and Bulgarian rose. The sweet myrrh it shows from the first spray is due to violets, fragile vanilla drops, opoponax and unmistakable incense accents. An attractive, but balanced masterpiece that manages to be sexy without being invasive. From the moment it touches the skin, the Kenzo Flower perfume is intense and feminine. The floral shades flood the wearer from the first spray, but vanilla quickly makes its presence felt through its dense, honeyed notes. The romanticism of this perfume is suggested by the individualism that the poppy expresses from a visual point of view, it being known as the symbol of singularity. All in all, a simple but very sought after floral fragrance.

Giorgio Armani SI Eau De Parfums

Best Floral Perfumes

Armani Sì women’s perfume water is the perfect definition of good Italian taste. The perfume was created for all the charming and stylish representatives of the fair sex. The combination of floral notes of Freesia and black currant offers an emotional concert, in which you will say yes – yes in Italian – to freedom, dreams, love and yourself. The sophisticated Armani Sì perfume resonates with the spirit of the Armani brand, being a tribute to all the ladies who are not afraid to be strong and to live their lives to the fullest. The scent is both intense and tender. Like many women, by the way. With this Italian perfume you will feel chic in any circumstance. It begins with the green aroma of black currant leaves, which leaves the place of the floral heart, freesia and roses. The ambroxan wood base, with patchouli and warm vanilla contributes to a perfect olfactory experience that awakens all the senses.

VERSACE Eros Eau De Parfum

Best Floral Perfumes

For strong women, who love to express their personality and charm, we recommend Eros pour Femme perfume water from Versace, with a scent that persists for hours on the skin. The top notes, which are present immediately after application, are those of Sicilian lemon, bergamot and pomegranate, with bold and vibrant tones that attract the attention of the senses from the first moment. The heart of the composition is represented by the delicate tones of jasmine, combined with the sweet and velvety aroma of the peony petals and sprinkled with the bright smell of the lemon flower extract. The basic notes that are present towards the end, will surprise you with depth and mystery. Ambroxan tones are accompanied by sensual shades of sandalwood and musk that reveal the intensity and passion that hides under the elegance of this formula.

Prada Women’s Prada Candy Florale Eau de Toilette

Best Floral Perfumes

The idea of the Prada Candy Floral perfume started from the concept of an imaginary flower, created especially to be a much more airy and transparent olfactory counterpoint to the original Candy. The curtain of ingredients opens with an energetic limoncello accord, a fragile bulb of pastel peony, bezoin elixir, musk powder and a duet of caramel and honey. This is a pure fragrance, which praises the scent of pink flowers, infused in lemon juice and finished with sweet musk powder and bezoin. A vague resemblance to the original Prada Candy is felt in the final stage, when the perfume brings to the surface caramelized clues, soaked in a musky and gourmet blanket.

Gucci Guilty Love Edition Pour Femme 3 oz EDP Women’s Perfume

Best Floral Perfumes

Composed of a series of notes that complement each other perfectly, Gucci Guilty Pour Femme Love Edition opens with juicy notes of bergamot and grapefruit, accompanied by raspberry jam, narcissus delicacy and effervescence of aquatic notes. Such a debut is like a breath of fresh air and prepares the ground for the central floral bouquet. In the heart of the perfume water, intensely colored flower petals are struggling and we meet special scents such as those emanating from the jasmine and violet petals. The romance is apathetically concluded by the woody notes that intervene in the last hours of wearing the perfume. Musk, patchouli and amber will turn your skin into a velvety film, slightly powdered and extremely sweet. The aromas persist throughout the day, and the power of attraction will be accentuated by the mixed notes so as to highlight the tempting natural notes.

Miss Dior for Women by Dior

Best Floral Perfumes

The creamy composition is established under the alliance of patchouli vibrations that mix immediately with a floral-fruity allure. Citrus and jasmine are balanced by the statement smell of musk, which gives the Miss Dior perfume an extra confidence and femininity. The composition is a figure that develops step by step, slipping from the sudden charm of fresh citrus notes, considered a prelude to the flowering of jasmine accents, to the noble elegance of the patchouli aroma, which offers a fanciful distinction to any woman who comes into possession. The last olfactory trace is represented by the special smell of musk, which concludes an enticing recital of mandarins, Egyptian jasmine and patchouli. Miss Dior arrived on the world stage with the support of perfumer Francois Demachy.

Gucci Bloom Acqua di Fiori for Women

Best Floral Perfumes

Gucci Bloom Acqua di Fiori comes out in spring 2018 as the first flanker of Gucci Bloom original floral fragrance from 2017 and the second perfume from Gucci under the leadership of the new creative director Alessandro Michele. The new fragrance promises a more vivid, energetic and fresh character, inspired by friendships between women, born of spontaneity and youthful joy. Intensely green and fresh, the new aroma of green Galbanum combined with the delicate Cassis, opens the top notes. The subtle aromas of Galbanum musk combine with the delicate aroma of Cassis buds. The heart is represented by the Jasmine buds from Gucci Bloom, Rangoon Creeper and Tuberose, and the base of musk and sandalwood gives warmth to this floral waterfall.

Amo Ferragamo

Best Floral Perfumes

The fragrance opens with explosive accords of Italian bitter, rosemary and blackcurrant, and the mix of notes of creamy sandalwood, white musk and white vanilla Tahitensis embodies pure sensuality.

Amo Ferragamo, the new perfume of the house Salvatore Ferragamo is the pure expression of modern femininity. AMO – the Italian word for “I love” – ​​is the statement of a modern young woman, with a free spirit, who is ready to take advantage of every opportunity that the world is ready to offer her and knows how to leave her mark on everything she does. She is the woman who acts on impulse, dares, seduces. Amo Ferragamo is the bold and modern accord of passion and glamor style. An uncompromising signature, mixing precious natural raw materials with interesting ingredients.

The fragrance opens with explosive accords, everything from the bitter but colorful accord of Italian Bitter, to the green and aromatic notes of rosemary and blackcurrant is unconventional and makes you feel incredibly unique. The mix of notes of creamy sandalwood, white musk and white vanilla Tahitensis chosen for bright and addictive veneers, embodies pure sensuality. Amo Ferragamo is a memorable, bold and voluptuous oriental floral fragrance.

Parfums Chloe Eau de Parfum Spray for Women

Best Floral Perfumes

The emblematic perfume of the French fashion house Chloé is a classic and timeless one. It emits an intense aroma of roses, thus being a particularly warm and seductive fragrance, which can be easily worn both during the day and in the evening. The scent of roses blends harmoniously with notes of Freesia, sweet litchi and pink peony, to create an incredibly feminine and delicate scent. The new eponymous Eau de perfume by Chloe is quite a departure from the once-popular tuberose composition of the same name. A light and fresh yet seductively strong and self-possessed scent, the new Chloe fragrance are in no way its predecessor’s timid younger sister. Just like all Chloe’s bold, arty and free-spirited designs, the fragrance is feminine in a rather non-traditional, not all-out-girly way. Its accords expertly play against each other and they seduce the audience by being both elegant and daring at the same time. The fragrance is very versatile, it is intended for everyday use and is more than suitable for becoming someone’s unique signature scent. Chloé is definitely a crowd pleaser. People love it, and it’s one perfume that even if people over spray (I knew a girl who put way too much on) it’s still nice. I love smelling this on other people. Probably more than I like smelling it on myself. Sillage is decent, quite good for a mainstream scent. Longevity is amazing for this scent. I know it’s an EDP but I didn’t expect that, simply because whenever I wear it it seems to fade after a while. I simply took it at face value, however I was so surprised one evening when I was about to go home a co-worker said I smell lovely & she asked what I was wearing. I couldn’t believe she could still smell it!

Jo Malone Red Roses Cologne Spray for Women

Best Floral Perfumes

Essence of modern romance. A sensual blend inspired by seven of the most beautiful roses in the world. With crushed violet leaves and a hint of lemon, a bouquet of freshly cut flowers spreads. Surprisingly clean and very soft. Beside the title flower, Red Roses has few other notes: lemon, mint, violet leaf and honeycomb. None of them really stands out very much, as they simply add more nuance to the main rose accord: a sweet undertone for the petals, highlighting their deep scent; and a touch of green freshness of the leaves, buds and stems. Jo Malone’s fragrances are clean, understated beauty all over and the cologne style perfumes celebrate the very notes of the perfumes. Red Roses celebrate the scent of the rose in all of it’s laid bare beauty. Delicate, elegant and velvety smelling without feeling overwhelming or overpowering. The result is just what it says on the bottle. Red Roses. It doesn’t even smell like a red rose perfume, it smells like an actual, huge bouquet of long-stemmed, intensely fragrant red roses.

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