Best Perfumes for 50 years Old Women

If you read this article most probable you are a women around 50, or may be around 40 and you wonder which is the very best choice for you regarding fragrances.

If you want to be very detail oriented you should consider every information you can manage to find.

Here are some nice options if you want quality perfume for older lady.

Eaudemoiselle Givenchy

Eaudemoiselle Givenchy is an absolutely astonishing fragrance this is for sure. It smells amazing and discreet in the very same time. Great blending of mandarin, rose and ylang-ylang.

Chanel Chance

This is a quality and very special perfume for ladies. It smells amazing and above all, it has a huge versatility, you can wear it in a various situations and on many age stages of your life. Chanel Chance is without any question a classique and very decent perfume. I know that the majority opinion is splited between specialists and fragrance enthusiasts but that is our opinion and we strongly believe in it.

Lancome Tresor Perfume for Women

Launched a long time ago in 1990, Lancome Tresor is a wonderful products with tremendous sillage. Can be wearable at any age but it is highly reccomandable for 50+ women. We are talking about a truly nice creation, a perfect addendum for any look.

Alien Eau de Perfume

With special and enigmatic wood notes Alien Eau de Perfume is a fantastic perfume for women. It smells very refined and luxury, everybody will surely complement you. The perfumers behind Alien essence are Dominique Ropion and Laurent Bruyere, who build the composition on three main lines: the abundant base of white amber, the heart rich in woody notes and the intense floral tip, which flies around the fragrant Indian jasmine.
The opening of the perfume will introduce you to a vaporizing atmosphere, where the floral scents of a paradise field reign. Undoubtedly the dominant aroma is that of jasmine, which is why we recommend the Alien perfume for the night environment. A sensitive amber accord quickly takes all the attention, which makes you think of a resemblance to other oriental-wood fragrances. Everything is a momentary impression because nothing of the following is familiar. The vapors of floral origin appear nonchalantly in the core of the perfume, sliding massively towards the melted wooden base in hot accords of oaky and suede.
Discover the Alien perfume, a mysterious and feminine ray that will capture the attention of those around you like a magnet. Be seduced by the soothing solar energy of this extraordinary perfume that depicts distant origins, from other planets. Light jasmine is the aromatic source that emits positive energy. Evoking the smell of wood warmed by the sun, Alien is a sensual and intriguing fragrance, but as rich and soft as a touch of cashmere.

Calvin Klein Obsession

Oldies but goldies we can say about Calvin Klein Obsession. It is a fabulous piece launched in 1985, and since then it is conquering the market on every trends. Some are saying that Obsession is a iconic fragrance for modern women. If you love sweet perfume don’t make the mistake to buy it. It is very heavy and very spicy. What can I tell you for sure, is that it is not that easy to recommend a product for 50+ years ladies. It is for sure pretty sensitive and very subjective topic.

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