Best Smelling Cologne for College Men

Best Smelling Fragrance for College Men

We always said that a good perfume has the power to complete the look of a women but also, this perfectly valid, for a man.

When you choose your perfume it is for sure a matter of taste, moment, inspiration, but above all it is important to master the information.

So, you surely have to choose wisely the fragrance because it is part of your image. No doubt that personal feeling is also important.

Chanel Bleu de Chanel

It is very rich, an abundance of scents, not necessarily classic but for sure it its very stylish. You will surely be very much notified when you will wear it. And that in a good way.

Christian Dior Sauvage

Sauvage is a marvelous blend of scents, a truly wonderful mix. This is not an expensive fragrance but it smells amazing and it will help you make a very good impression. You will be very surprised of what power of seduction and impression this perfume may have. At a first glance, for sure, you will appreciate and in time you will love it.

Black XS Paco Rabanne

This is basically a citrus fragrance, recommended mostly for the summer. It is a good and very qualitative perfume with a long sillage.

The one Sport Dolce Gabbana

A fine and rafinated choice, you should use it mostly in the summer times. It is an aquatic fragrance with a decent persistence.

Dolce Gabbana Intenso

If you did not have the opportunity to try this fragrance you have all the reasons to regret it. Indeed, because it is truly a fine and very special scent, which should be tested. It is an excellent sillage perfume, which is a nice characteristic, admit it. All in one we are talking about a fragrance which will complete your look and will make you feel great in the campus or at courses.

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