Best Smelling Cologne for College Men

Best Smelling Fragrance for College Men

We always said that a good perfume has the power to complete the look of a women but also, this perfectly valid, for a man.

When you choose your perfume it is for sure a matter of taste, moment, inspiration, but above all it is important to master the information.

So, you surely have to choose wisely the fragrance because it is part of your image. No doubt that personal feeling is also important.

Best Smelling Cologne for College Men

The fragrance that a college man chooses to wear can say a lot about his personality and style. A good cologne for a college man should be fresh, youthful, and versatile, with a balanced blend of top, middle, and base notes that combine to create a signature scent. It should be light enough to wear every day, yet strong enough to make a statement. Additionally, a good cologne should complement the wearer’s natural scent without overpowering it. It’s important to keep in mind that a cologne is not a substitute for personal hygiene, but rather an enhancement to one’s overall grooming routine. In short, a good cologne for college men should be a reflection of their personality, style, and overall self-care regimen.

Chanel Bleu de Chanel

Best Smelling Cologne for College Men

It is very rich, an abundance of scents, not necessarily classic but for sure it its very stylish. You will surely be very much notified when you will wear it. And that in a good way. The packaging is beautiful, and is made up of two smaller compartments separated by a small divider. The top compartment has a white box with “Chanel” written across it. There are also gold-colored caps at each end of the bottle. The bottom contains four separate boxes; one has “Bleu de Chanel,” another has “Coco,” the third says “Jasmine,” and the fourth has “L’Eau.” On the front of each box is a little gold cap.
My first impression was that the fragrance smelled so light, yet strong enough to last more than five hours without reapplication. My second thought was that it didn’t really smell as if it were coming from Chanel – despite the fact that it carries their name and logo. Because there aren’t any words printed on the label, I assumed it would come from Parfums Christian Dior, who actually owns the rights to distribute it. After doing some research, however, I found out that it is actually produced by LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton, who bought the brand in 2006 after years of being owned by different companies. That means Chanel isn’t even involved with its creation! Which leads me to wonder why they’d want to use it instead of another fragrance.
It all comes down to marketing and money, I guess. If they used another fragrance, they wouldn’t be able to get away with charging what they do for something that looks and smells exactly the same as other fragrances that cost much less. Also, since it doesn’t carry their name or logo, they could charge less for it. They probably figure that because it’s not officially affiliated with Chanel, it won’t command quite the price they’d need to make it worth stocking.
If you’ve never tried Blue De Chanel before, here are three ways you might like it better than Coco. First, it lasts longer. I wore both fragrances simultaneously once, and while the Blue lasted about six hours, the Coco only lasted until about 4pm. Second, it doesn’t leave your skin looking red or irritated. Third, it leaves your mouth feeling minty and fresh. I know these things sound kind of strange, but trust me, they’re true.
One of the reasons Blue De Chanel wears well is that it has no alcohol or parabens in it. This gives it a clean and refreshing scent that doesn’t linger on your skin. When I sprayed it on, the first thing that popped into my head was how fresh it felt. However, I noticed that it did cause my eyes to water slightly, so I don’t recommend wearing it during hot weather. Another nice feature of the fragrance is that it has notes of gardenia and rosemary.

Christian Dior Sauvage

Best Smelling Cologne for College Men

Sauvage is a marvelous blend of scents, a truly wonderful mix. This is not an expensive fragrance but it smells amazing and it will help you make a very good impression. You will be very surprised of what power of seduction and impression this perfume may have. At a first glance, for sure, you will appreciate and in time you will love it.

Dior’s first foray into the world of animal-inspired fashion is a big step up from their previous efforts, which were more akin to mink coats than tiger prints. The results are quite stunning and this “Sauvage” coat has been described as couture meets sportswear in one word – it’s that good.

The Dior website says that they created the Sauvage coat for women who have what they call an ‘animal instinct’ or perhaps a need to be wild; I’m not sure how you could really quantify such things but if anything, these fur pieces make me feel like a little girl playing dress ups with my mother’s old clothes (well, minus the faux pas feet).

This is by far the most expensive item I’ve purchased since moving to New York so naturally I was worried about its quality. When I opened the box, however, I couldn’t believe how sleek and beautiful it looked!

Black XS Paco Rabanne

Best Smelling Cologne for College Men

The Black XS perfume for men was created in 2005 by the famous Olivier Cresp, known for his mastery and olfactory refinement that have given him popularity in the beauty industry over time. This perfume is without a doubt a pregnant signature of masculinity, considering the spicy notes it displays from the first spray, to the depth of the aromas that underlie its composition. Knowing the desire of some women to wear men’s perfumes, it can be said that no representative of the romantic public would dare to wear the Black XS perfume in the middle of the day, despite the soft and warm woody aromas it exposes at the first breath. The citrus opening makes a spectacular introduction to the sweet and spicy heart of the composition.

Along the way, the deep, dark fruity notes that exhibit an almost suffocating sweetness are replaced by the soft woody sequences. At its base is also intense amber, which is by definition an emblem of masculinity. With an impressive packaging, simultaneously subordinated to the classic and avant-garde canons, the Black XS perfume defines an independent, modern man, who wants to stand out through an amalgam of eccentric aromas. Bold and seductive – these are the two basic attributes of this masculine essence, often described as a casual combination of amber, lemon, cinnamon, praline, patchouli, sage and cardamom.

The one Dolce Gabbana

Best Smelling Cologne for College Men

The One perfume saw the spotlight in March 2008. The universal concept on which perfumer Stefano Gabbana relied was the implementation of a classic masculine aroma, but not one that can be easily ignored, being considered rather trivial. He aimed for an intense, lush, classic olfactory sequence, meant to remain imprinted in the minds of the women around him. The notes of this perfume are harmonized in direct proportion to the tastes of the creator Gabbana, who showed his affinity for oriental-woody aromas, as evidenced by his statement around the launch period: “I am passionate about spicy, oriental notes, but we did not bring to life so far such a fragrance.

It is much warmer than other perfumes launched in the past. The One fragrance for men opens with sparkling notes of bergamot, coriander and basil, the middle strands being represented by cardamom, ginger and neroli. The intensely masculinized origin is due to the background notes, which highlight the cedar, amber and dark tobacco.

Dolce Gabbana Intenso

Best Smelling Cologne for College Men

If you did not have the opportunity to try this fragrance you have all the reasons to regret it. Indeed, because it is truly a fine and very special scent, which should be tested. It is an excellent sillage perfume, which is a nice characteristic, admit it. All in one we are talking about a fragrance which will complete your look and will make you feel great in the campus or at courses.

Dolce Gabbana Intenso is designed to fit the lifestyle of the distinguished man who expects nothing but the best. Crafted with attention to detail, the exquisite blend of accords brings together fruity notes with passionate spices set against a base of warm woods. Whether your day takes you into a boardroom or onto a night out dancing, this elegant scent will always have you feeling and smelling your best.

The luxurious bottle holds 100ml of delicious Dolce Gabbana Intenso cologne that is sure to draw admiration wherever it goes. Its eye-catching design calls out to be displayed proudly in any room of one’s home — even on the most prestigious shelves! With its timeless appeal, this cologne ensures that you stay on top of your game no matter where life takes you.

Tips on Applying Cologne Properly

Applying cologne is a small but important step in any man’s daily routine. However, it’s not just about spritzing some scent onto your neck and walking out the door. With the right application techniques, you can ensure that your cologne lasts all day and leaves a lasting impression. One tip to keep in mind is that less is more. You don’t want to overpower those around you with a strong scent, so start with a small amount and build it up if necessary. Additionally, focus on application points that will help the scent linger, such as the wrists, neck, and chest. And finally, try to match your cologne to the occasion – a light, fresh scent is perfect for daytime, while a more intense fragrance can work for a night out. By following these tips, you’ll ensure that your cologne enhances your style and leaves a positive impression on those around you.

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