Choosing The Right Perfume

Buying a perfume for a loved one is quite a complicated thing, especially if you don’t like going to a store and smelling all the perfume samples on the shelf. Perfume manufacturers say only extraordinary things about each product they sell, emphasizing that their product has the most attractive and sensual smell. In addition, many of us do not even know how the ingredients from which the perfume is made smell separately. And because we decided to offer a perfume to our friend, mother or someone close, we will have to choose one without spending a few good hours in the store. The easiest way is to order a perfume online. Yes, it is possible! Depending on a few criteria, we can choose a perfume to give as a gift without too much hassle.

Choosing The Right Perfume
Choosing The Right Perfume

Depending on the name – Probably the fastest and safest way to choose a perfume is to orient yourself according to its name. Chanel, Jean-Paul Gaultier or Christian Dior are among the most popular perfume manufacturers, and if you follow these big names you will not fail in choosing a perfume.

Depending on the price – If you still don’t know what to buy, you have no way of knowing if the product is worth a certain amount or not. You will probably be tempted to buy more expensive products, thinking that they are better. Well, this is a valid thing, but not if you do not know if the perfume will be to the liking of the person for whom you buy it. So, set a maximum amount that you are willing to offer and do not exceed it. Look for perfumes that fit your scale.

Depending on the brand – The promotion of perfumes is often based on the brand they represent. You can choose a perfume, depending on the brand that the person who will receive the gift adores. For example, choose a perfume produced by a famous fashion house that you know is in the top of your girlfriend’s preferences. Depending on the stars Most perfumes on the market are promoted by one star. If the person you want to give the gift to admire a certain star and you know who she is, find out if she promotes a perfume and opt for it. Surely your gift will impress.

Curiosities about perfume ingredients, important information about our olfactory senses or reasoned explanations of how you can smell a perfume correctly. If you are curious or simply passionate, stay tuned to the following:

1. Is Citralya the only ingredient used in the perfumery industry that reveals the same scent on the skin of anyone who tries it? As the name suggests, it brings with it the smell of citrus.

2. Do each of us have a unique scent imprinted? This explains why some people cannot detect certain odors.

3. Are the ingredients to be introduced in the fragrance essences tested to the same standards as those included in consumer foods?

4. Do the colonies have a different pH level? The fact that men have their own perfume is due to their skin, which, compared to that of women is much more acidic. The level of acidity of your skin along with the oils that cologne contains influences the duration of the perfume you use. Although today the cologne is used mainly by men, in the past it was used by both women and men, the trend coming from Germany.

5. Our olfactory senses are like muscles, so the more perfumes you smell, the stronger and more decisive your olfactory ability will be in future perfume choices?

6. In addition to floral, fruity, woody aromas, do some perfumes also contain ingredients of animal origin? They are long processed and refined by the great perfumers, in order to get in touch with the other notes that will compose the entire composition.

7. Are there many aromatic sources available in nature, and all parts of plants are used in search of new and interesting smells? There are perfume oils produced from: barks, flowers, seeds, fruits, leaves, resins, roots, lichens and even microorganisms!

8. Ambergris one of the ingredients used by the vast majority of perfumers that is more expensive than gold? Although it seems bizarre, it is produced by the stomach of whales and is considered a very rare ingredient. That is why it is highly valued and therefore is considered a component of traditional perfumes.

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