Citrus Perfumes

According to Greek mythology, the garden of the Hesperides was a garden that belonged to the consort of Zeus, Hera; in it grew the apples of immortality, cared for by the daughters of Hesperus (and goddesses of the evening), the Hesperides. By agglutination, the golden magic apples also began to be called Hesperides and, in time, they borrowed the name of some more fruits. earthy: first that’s what the oranges were called, and then the name was transferred to the whole citrus family.

Today, citrus fruits are used for added elegance, cleanliness, and optimism, and the fragrances they contain are often described as light and sunny. Masculine flavors, in particular, are particularly difficult to imagine without citrus — chypre, for example, always contains bergamot; but more always, to the dark and oriental notes (vetiver, oak lichen, iris, amber, patchouli) are added citrus to elevate them and give them shine.
FLAVOR PROFILE: fresh, invigorating, and effervescent; sour, tonic, optimistic.
PLACE IN THE PYRAMID OF NOTES: except for some (orange blossom, lemon blossom, mandarin blossom, verbena), citrus fruits are generally a top note due to their low molecular weight (they evaporate very quickly).

Citrus notes bring a “clean” feeling when combined with peppery, floral or even musk aromas. In addition, I immediately make you think of vacation! If you need a dose of energy or a boost to start a new adventure then citrus perfumes are perfect.


Lime is one of the most wonderful citrus fruits. Is there anything more delicious than lime? I do not believe. When you smell the lime, you think of soft drinks, mojitos and slices of fruit that drain into glasses of Coca Cola.
Juliette Has a Gun Moscow Mule makes full use of the lime notes, which she pairs with ginger, bergamot and musk, to create a wearable version of the famous cocktail. Moscow Mule is proof that all perfumes should be enriched with a generous note of lime.

Citric Perfumes


While lime and bergamot are lighter and more pleasant fruits, grapefruit is a bit more complicated. Grapefruit is bitter and acidic, making its appearance acerbic with its sulphurous appearance. But while this may seem a little scary, there is something addictive about the contrast of the juicy sweetness and the bitter acidity of the grapefruit. In Guerlain Pamplelune, the note is a cold one that combines with patchouli to intensify the acidity. Pamplelune is so unusual, so strange, but so familiar. Contains grapefruit, yes, but maybe not as you know it! It smells very clean and fresh.

Citric Perfumes


Bergamot is one of the most common citrus notes in perfumery and, when you smell it, it’s easy to see why. Bergamot is very versatile and pleasant. Looking the same as a lemon, but with a greener peel, bergamot has a sweet and very fresh smell. It is juicy and acidic, but also has a delicate floral quality. Bergamot shines best in Acqua di Parma Blu Mediterraneo Bergamot of Calabria, which pays homage to the Calabrian bergamot.

Citric Perfumes


This perfume is a declaration of optimism and complete happiness. You don’t owe anyone anything, you want to live freely and listen to your senses – this conveys this scent every time you wear it. Energetic tangerine awakens your zest for life, while the sensual notes of sandalwood, musk and Vetiver make you feel sexy and confident. Top notes: tangerine, orchid and orange blossom. Heart: tuberose, lily of the valley and iris root. Base: musk, oak moss and amber. They are addictive and quite expensive, but oh so lovely.

Citric Perfumes

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