Cologne For Older Man

How do you choose a perfume that suits your desires or personality when in men’s perfumery the offer has never been so important? Sixty-year-old men are not mistaken and sometimes they prefer to remember the beauty of the great cologne for older man than to limit themselves only to novelties. Thus, Vetiver, Habit Rouge or even Eau Sauvage, although born many years ago, remain in the hearts of those who appreciated its incredible composition.

However, men with assertive masculinity of 60 years do not hesitate to resort to more original perfume compositions, such as with A * Men, Terre d’Hermès or Fahrenheit.
Men’s perfumes have marked the lives of 70-year-old men, who relive them with great pleasure when they want to rediscover the chords that made up their most beautiful memories. However, the elegant and even original elegance of these historical cult perfumes is not an obstacle to the discovery of new perfumes that these 70-year-old men will be able to fully enjoy on the day of their fully assumed masculinity.

From a certain age, the choice of perfume seems to be final. Men don’t want to change it’s a very similar scent. However, fresh awakenings, tonic toilet water or the eternal water of Cologne is still very popular. Then we opt for Eau Sauvage from Dior, a real perfume, very fresh, of great elegance. This is also the case of Eau de Rochas pour Homme, a very distinguished timeless.
The 70-year-old man likes to return to his most beautiful memories without turning his back on the discovery of new perfumes. Of course, we have Pour Un Homme de Caron, which is one of the perfumes we can’t forget. Created in the 1930s, at a time when men’s perfumes were still very rare, it combines freshness with refinement. It is a true gentleman’s perfume, even if he was one of the first to put flowers in a masculine perfume. More recently, Gentiv Only by Givenchy is also very elegant, contrasting and bright. Azzaro pour Homme d’Azzaro is said to have been worn by one of three men in the world … It is the perfume of charming and manly men.
The 70-year-old continues to love his great classics. This does not prevent him from appreciating the news.
Octogenarians are faithful to their past with Eau de Cologne 4711, Eau de Toilette de Tabac Original or Pour Homme Lion de Lalique which embodies supreme elegance. However, they did not refuse to try Monsieur de Guerlain’s Le Mouchoir or Burberry’s now famous Burberry For Men which evokes all the charm of the English landscape. The 80-year-old man is attracted to the great perfumes that marked his life.

Suggestions – cologne for old man:

Vétiver de Guerlain

Cologne For Older Man

Vetiver is and was considered one of the greatest fragrances of the time as its woody ode is true to nature. Jean-Paul Guerlain is about to succeed Jacques Guerlain, yet he has yet to prove his talents in this uncompromising family dynasty. To do this, he will have the idea to work on the composition of Eau de Vétiver in order to make it a more modern, more fiery but also very natural masculine fragrance. And it is at this very point, moreover, that his audience will acclaim his splendid work of olfactory painting of the vetiver.

Angel Men by Thierry Mugler

Cologne For Older Man

With Angel and his very innovative gourmet scents, Thierry Mugler and his favorite perfumer Olivier Cresp have both established themselves in the very new register of perfumery for them. Four years later, Thierry Mugler will offer men a taste of fragrant delicacies with a long-awaited A * Men signed by Jacques Huclier this time.
Blending very futuristic notes with rather classic notes, A * Men is a fragrance that will suit the taste of assertive 60-year-old men who love perfume originality very well.

XS de Paco Rabanne

Cologne For Older Man

In her first men’s fragrance, For Men, the house of Paco Rabanne had made it clear to these gentlemen that it could amaze them with innovative and even futuristic accords. The beautiful XS for Men released in 1993 will not deny this truth because it will be more explosive and original than ever.
XS will be the very beginning of Paco Rabanne’s beautiful story in a provocative but above all clearly identifiable perfumery. In addition to sulphurous communication and advertising, packaging as desired, XS is above all a great masculine fragrance that combines the beauty of very masculine notes in depth with ultra-dynamic top notes and soft but spicy heart flowers.
So XS would be the futuristic cocktail of this modern 90s man who combines strength and tenderness with flawless masculinity.
Obviously, 70-year-old men still passionately love the great classics of modern men’s perfumery such as Pour Monsieur de Chanel, Vétiver de Guerlain or Pour un Homme de Caron. However, they are very attached to the perfumes that marked their adult life like the cult and so manly Azzaro for Men or the sporty and stylish Lacoste Original, both so representative of the 80’s in men’s perfumery.
A love of traditional fragrances that in no way prevents these 70-year-old men with serene virility from fully taking on the audacity of fragrant novelties as with the so elegant Gentleman Only, one of the latest bottles born from the house of Givenchy.

Pour Homme de Paco Rabanne

Cologne For Older Man

Calandre, a beautiful feminine juice, was the very first perfume of the house of Paco Rabanne, but Pour Homme was the second and in 1973 marked the original and very masculine style of the Paco Rabanne perfumery.
Pour Homme was completely designed in the image of the daring and original collections of Paco Rabanne, and exudes an aromatic charm still unused in the 70s. Today Paco Rabanne Pour Homme has become a staple of men’s perfumery, alongside sure of Invictus or One Million.

HERMES Terre D’Herm Eau Intense Vetiver Eau De Parfum

Cologne For Older Man

Launched in 2018, the new Terre is created by perfumer Christine Nagel around vetiver notes. It is a fresh interpretation of the classic Terre variant. In the new composition, the impetuous vetiver reveals another Terre, whose initial mineral and woody bases become woody and vegetal. The black pepper turned into Sichuan pepper with a bright shade of green and citrus shades, which invigorates the formula for a better combination of ingredients. Orange bergamot offers a surprisingly radical and bold quality. Terre Vetyver is absolutely amazing. It is rich and warm, brown and bright, an olfactory illusion that evokes the image of the vast sky during an endless sunset.


Cologne For Older Man

Maison Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge 540 is an example that completes the imprint of the house through a precious and elegant flanker, both contemporary and empathetic. The famous perfumer Francis Kurkdjian is known all over the world for his fine sense in producing true masterpieces that caress the senses and envelop men’s bodies in elegance and refinement.

The perfume Maison Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge 540 opens timidly, but still strong and intense with the floral scent of jasmine and saffron. Also called “red gold”, saffron is the one that brings an extra elegance and luxury to the whole aroma with a fresh, intense earthy scent, embalmed in the tenderness of sweet and sensual jasmine flowers. These two top notes are able to represent the strong and gentle woman or the charming and charismatic man. The appearance of the saffron is the one that creates the story of the whole perfume and detaches it from reality, leading the woman in Greek mythology through the bright yellow which is an incarnation of the Goddess of Dawn who fights at night, and then in the Indian through the bright red which is an incarnation of the Goddess. Saffron in combination with jasmine represents two notes that complement each other creating a whole, being a final accent for an evening outfit with royal details.

Two noble aromas are present in the middle notes of the perfume, namely amber wood and gray amber. The woody, slightly dry and sweet smell of amber wood merges into a sensual play with the intense, refined, slightly burnt and sweet smell of gray amber. The amber wood is the one that gives the elixir a mysterious note with a slight musky touch towards the end of the bite, just like the gray, amber which at the end has an ash smell that covers the picture created in mystery, in enigmatic.

This noble heart is the one that gives the whole perfume that luxury that does not opulate, but seduces with intensity. These two ingredients have versatility, they are sweet, strong, woody, dry being the quintessence of the whole aroma.

Fir resin and cedar wood are the concluding notes of the perfume that give persistence to the entire elixir. Sweet, fresh, wild fir resin together and the dry, sweet, woody essence given by the cedar wood envelops the whole perfume in freshness and elegance, awakening the senses from the numbness left of the top and middle notes.

Acqua Di Parma Acqua Di Parma Colonia Eau De Cologne

Cologne For Older Man

The mixture is opened with a combination of citrus, made of oranges and lemons, with special emphasis on lemon juice. The notes focus more on the skin than on the fruit itself. While the lemonade makes its presence felt, it spreads extremely natural smells and aromas of the most diverse. The citrus avalanche is becoming more and more dehydrated as it approaches the closing phase. A lavender aroma, combined with a shade of dried rosemary is presented in a very dusty manner; a natural scent, enveloped in accents of dried herbs. The citrus aroma begins to fade, but does not disappear completely. The bright jasmine and the rose introduce a soft, floral feeling, with a special texture and appearance. The specimen manages to impress with the lush way of embracing the wearer’s body, without displaying excessive opulence. It is the kind of perfume that manages to approach in a fresh way.
The creation has a natural, invigorating look, the atmosphere created especially by the presence of lemon accords, which mixes with the texture of the musk and the sophisticated spirit of the aromas of lavender, rose and patchouli.
From the first glance, the specimen stands out for its simplicity and elegance. The creation accustoms its audience with a special royalty, an aristocratic atmosphere, which expects elegance and discretion. The specimen is wrapped in arrangements of Sicilian citrus, lavender, rosemary and Bulgarian rose. The sandalwood makes its presence felt, and the vetiver is projected in depth.
It develops as a ritual, bathed in the sense of summer, out of the corridors of simple perfumes, with impressive notes of Sicilian citrus and aromas of bergamot, lemon and Neroli. Lavender and rosemary are embraced with the scent of the Bulgarian rose, accentuated with light notes of jasmine and some floral aspects.

The onset is strong and reinforced by sharp citrus shades, but also by green notes, made on a plant base. Rosemary and sage are mixed in the rough and too masculine composition, which is the heart of this specimen.

The stabilization is accentuated by the presence of woody shades, amber and weak hints of oak, which borrow the substance and take a step forward in the lively atmosphere. Longevity is average, but suitable for a colony.

Each citrus accent brings something different in front of people, created in a wonderful mixture of transparent bergamot, combined with ginger. It reminds of the presence of white flowers and shares a bright, invigorating quality, easy to wear, especially during the hot summer days.

In the past, the perfume was worn by elegant men, by international movie stars, by those who opted for luxury. Hand made glass is special and shares a rich secret, deep in an atmosphere of Sicilian citrus (bergamot, lemon, bitter orange and sweet atmosphere); a brilliant creation that takes place in a heart of Bulgarian lavender and rose, on warm and woody base notes, a formula that has not changed over time.

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