Enormous Sillage Perfumes

Today we are going to talk a little about some interesting perfumes for women with huge sillage. But, in fact what is sillage you may wonder. I’m perfectly sure that perfume maniacs knows very well. Sillage, or projection, is a French term that is commonly used to discuss a fragrance’s diffuseness, actually the ability of a scent to be smelled at a distance.

Gucci Premiere

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Gucci, from the point of view of originality, is not a brand that aims to bring to market niche fragrances. The objective of the perfume division is not to innovate in the pure sense of the word. But to give birth to complete, beautifully ornamented compositions to turn into true bestsellers overnight. Those who have tried most of Gucci’s fragrances will agree to one thing that Gucci Pour Homme – the original version – was the only essence that impresses through spontaneity, individuality and exotism. The rest being generic flavors, easy to wear by any group of age.

Gucci by Gucci (2007), Flora (2009) and Guilty (2010) were three of the reference essentials for this brand, and the Premiere perfume had to overcome them in intensity, elegance and optimism to replicate their success. The premiere opens with a huge chord of fruity musk. It smells like a very ripe fruit, the juice of which seems to pierce the fragile shell of white musk. On paper, this stage takes quite a long time, but on the skin it fades quickly. In the heart are mixed floral notes, while the base can be called simply and maybe 100% woody, with a touch of dry skin. The longer it stays on the skin, the drier and darker it becomes. After an hour, the apogee of drama begins to decrease in intensity, turning into that perfume that could become the favorite of any woman. Not the masculine essence in which the Gucci By Gucci aroma tends to metamorphose after a while.

So, after the fiery recital of the opening notes, the perfume becomes submissive, comforting the wearers who want feminine aromas, calm and close to the skin. Clearly, Premiere is a perfume built for another type of woman, because Frida did not let her inner instinct and affinity for masculine chords manifest itself to the same degree as in the Gucci By Gucci perfume.

Tom Ford Tom Ford Noir Pour Femme
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Tom Ford Noir Pour Femme fragrance is a sweet, feminine, melted dessert with chocolate. The gourmet side of the oriental notes is enriched by vanilla and kulfi flavors, an aroma from the secrets of the Indian cuisine. It is a special delight for this territory and is associated with a traditional ice cream assortment.
However, the first agreements sign a fruity spicy personality. The lighted shades of bitter oranges, bergamot and mandarins are worn on a wave of gingerbread essence. The heart of the projection pulsates in red, rose, jasmine and orange blossoms. Impulse triggering under the sign of citrus is contemplated by the sweet aroma of coffee, which installs subtly over white petals. Frozen milk blended with seeds gets a creamy formula that fits the whole Tom Ford Noir Pour Femme perfume projection into a unique flavor.

Guerlain Le Petite Robe Noire
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A very nice perfume for elegant and mysterious girls. Petite Robe Noir – the little black dress – is a perfect concept for a perfume. An essence can be likened to a cosmetic dressing of the already beautiful clothes. In addition, a suitably selected perfume can lend a great deal to the wearer in its flavor. The black dress has always been seen as a perfect, versatile and appealing coat. As such, the Guerlain La Petite Robe Noir fragrance is a must-have for any perfume enthusiast. Although the appearance of “noir” seems to be omitted from the compositional point of view.

La Petite Robe Noir becomes a flavor that we can look like a classic clothing item close to the skin. Its most prominent quality is longevity in time, which does not leave its mark on it. Like a refrain, the composition is jerked off, starting with an exposition consisting of red fruits, filling with a sweet melon of cotton wool and ending with a pregnant patchouli accent.

Angel by Thierry Mugler for Women
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The famous Angel perfume, launched in 1992 by Thierry Mugler, is a true symbol of the Oriental class, with the important names behind it being Olivier Cresp and Yves de Chirin. The incipient olfactory explosion is meant to surprise your senses with notes of melon, coconut, vibrant mandarin, jasmine, bergamot and cotton candy. The iconic Angel begins with sweet tones: chocolate, honey, caramel and cotton candy, which contrasts with the spicy accord of patchouli. The citrus freshness of bergamot, the rooster and the warmth of sandalwood. The finish, of an unusual sensuality, belongs to the basic notes, of oriental type. A flow of powerful ingredients manages to complete a deeply gourmet image, which has won many important awards in the perfume industry since its launch. You will be amazed by the honey-rich curtain that exposes the scene adorned by the accords of meringue, peach and passion fruit, three dizzying ingredients that do not predict for even a second the floral show in the middle of the Angel perfume. After the glorious moments of the gourmet accents in the opening, Angel invites us with a strong floral veil, the main characters in this area being jasmine and lily. A predefined mixture of honey, patchouli and caramel gives way to the duet between musk and berries.

A combination that announces the serious tone of the woody notes under which the feminine composition of the Angel perfume will develop. Thierry Mugler relied on a delicious background of vanilla and fragrant caramels, which are projected on the skin in a dry and mysterious way. 

Lancome Trésor By Lancomé

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Tresor was created by Sophia Grojsman, the aroma first arriving in the limelight in 1990. On the official site of the Lanceme brand, the notes of this perfume are well identified after the following description: “Oriental floral perfume, composed of rose and apricots as top notes, followed by a floral heart full of expressiveness (lilac, iris, peaches), blanched under an oriental base of sandalwood, musk, vanilla and amber. ” As passionists already know, the essence collection bearing Sophia’s impression is dominated by flavors that leave you breathless, borrowing from the nobility of the finest flowers and the freshness of the most appetizing fruits. What are the essentials included in this category? Yves Saint Laurent “Yvresse”, Bill Blass “Nud”, Prescriptives “Calyx”. Yeah, Tresor seems to be breaking right out of the way.


The Chanel Coco fragrance was launched in 1984 and is the ultimate symbol of Oriental smell, condemned to get a delicate and sensual shape. The dominant notes are those of coriander, mandarin and peach, naturally and naturally highlighted by the notes of jasmine and rose. In the middle can be remarked the mimosa and cloves, as well as the orange and clover flower.

Chanel Coco perfume was launched at the same time as other well-known and beloved perfumes, when many other brands began to discover the importance of oriental perfumes and the way in which they manage to impress the female audience. The opulence of these ingredients is covered by a spicy wave that inspires a special warmth. Although the onset of citrus envelops the woman’s personality. The central carnation arrangement manages to impress a fruity approach, which is not very sweet.

The honey aroma is soothed by the spices used especially for their ability to temper any odor. It remains a sophisticated and elegant scent, which strictly follows the line imposed by the Chanel brand over time. It does not make a discordant note and continues to remain a radiant perfume, which gives you self-confidence and eccentricity.

It depicts the image of an airy garden, on a warm summer evening, under a starry and bright sky; it is the scent that inspires personality and romance. For sure, it is the perfume of the lover of life and people, of beauty, of moments, of moments and of everything that surrounds her. The perfume is also available in the perfume water version and in the toilet water version and persists on the skin for a whole day, without losing its intensity and basic structure. When the smell leaves the skin, it does not leave behind a synthetic aroma.

Narciso Rodriguez By Narciso Rodriguez For Her
Narciso Rodriguez By Narciso Rodriguez For Her

The American designer of Cuban origin was considered from the very beginning a very young, very modern spirit with a nonconformist and a fanciful vision of reality. The first essentials it launched immediately gained momentum and attracted instantly the public’s sympathy, becoming options for those independent, contemporary women who are forever looking for a mysterious, sensual signature. The aroma targets the modern and free woman who is aware of her seductive power.

The popularity of this fragrance, irrespective of its unusual composition, its heavy character or the dazzling sweetness and perhaps precisely because of this is easy to explain. Reflects a homogeneous desire among st the feminine public representatives, which relies on sensuality and intensity when they want to attract exquisite looks of those around you.

With a sophisticated sophisticated vibe, the Narciso Rodriguez For Her perfume captures a composition that displays a stunning percentage of musk. The aroma of the musk is the central pillar in the Cuban designer’s fragrance, surrounded by the fragrance of orange, osmanthus and amber.

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