Fragrance Persistence

We often hear the question: Why did the perfume you used smell differently on my skin and do not persist? Is it a counterfeit perfume if you have these unforeseen events? NOT! What many people do not understand is that the consistency of a perfume in its interaction with surrounding factors greatly influences the qualities of a perfume. It is very important not to buy a perfume just because you liked what you felt like a girlfriend. Test a perfume on your skin before purchasing it. If it does not persist or does not have the same smell as the one you feel before it means it does not fit you! Most people who use perfume, apply it directly to the skin, neck, wrists, or chest areas indicated by a specialist in applying fragrances. Does the skin type matter when applying perfume? Yes, very much and I will tell you why! A dry skin absorbs the perfume more quickly compared to a normal skin or a tendency for weight gain, which keeps the aroma longer on the skin.

If we think a little about this, it begins to have a logic why the same perfume persists differently from one person to another. But this is not the only cause of perfume persistence. In general, each brand launches a perfume model with different concentrations: Perfume water, toilet water and more. The scent of water is much stronger than toilet water and persists for a long time to toilet water.
We always hear that Ph’s skin contributes to changing the smell of a perfume. Is it true? Fully! Ph the skin differs from one person to another and over time, a person may have different phs. Why? Because in our skin there are hormonal changes with nutrition, environmental factors, lifestyle, medication s.a.

The fragrance is ultimately a chemical formula that combines perfume-flavored essences. This formula of the fragrance reacts with the skin ph when applying it directly to the neck, chest or wrist. So the smell of perfume can change radically from one person to another! Therefore, it is recommended to test your perfume on your skin before purchasing it, just because you liked the smell of a person’s skin. Sure you have, at least once, smell a perfume and feel the difference of the fragrance from you and other people. Do not underestimate the power of ph to change the smell of a perfume because you will be surprised.
Be careful to keep your favorite perfume bottles! If the temperature is constantly changed, perfumes will change their formula and the smell will be different. If you keep the perfume near a heat source, the perfume will evaporate slowly and lose its qualities. When you go to a perfumery, you should only test three perfumes, that is a fine advice for you. If you will test many fragrances you will be baffled and you will not be able to take a correct decision.

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How to apply perfume

There are many unwritten rules on how to apply the perfume correctly, to last as long as possible and to make it feel more intense on the skin. – Some say you should spray it in the air, then go through the perfume cloud. – Others advise to apply it in the pulse points of the body, because this is where the blood flow and body heat are more pronounced. These points are the wrist, temples, behind the ears, ankles, elbows, neck or chest. However, nothing is required: you can put the perfume wherever you want. Even on clothes. Apply the perfume on hydrated skin The best time to apply perfume – and, in fact, any other care product, is immediately after taking a shower. In addition to the fact that your skin is clean, it is also moist and thus creates the optimal environment for any product, including perfume, to be absorbed into the skin. If you can’t take a shower every time, apply a fragrance-free body lotion first. The more hydrated the skin, the longer the perfume will last. Do not change the flavor We are not talking about the fact that you should only use one perfume for the rest of your life. But we are talking about those body or shower lotions that have various flavors and that can change the way the perfume reacts with your skin. This way you will never risk that the perfume you adored for the floral notes suddenly becomes much too intense, more masculine or, in some cases, even bitter. Apply to key points You probably already knew that, but it doesn’t hurt to remind him. In fact, it is not in vain that you have seen so many people applying perfume on their necks or wrists. These are the points of the body where the veins are more prominent and emit more heat than other parts of the body. This heat activates and maximizes the effect of a perfume.

A trick for hot nights: apply perfume on the area behind the knee. When you have found the perfume that characterizes you and gives you confidence, it is normal to want to enjoy its scent throughout the day.

Here are the tricks you need to apply:

– You already know that the perfume must be applied to the highly vascularized areas of the body, including the wrists. Tip: do not touch the wrists after applying the perfume, as its intensity will be diminished.

– The best time to perfume yourself is immediately after you get out of the shower, because your pores are open. If you want to maximize the effect of the perfume, apply the cream with the same essence before perfuming yourself.

– Some beauty specialists claim that the perfume is more persistent when you do not apply it directly on the skin. Spray a little perfume in the air and walk slowly, so that the particles fall gently on your skin.

– It is said that hair is a very good diffuser of aromas: try to spray perfume on the surface of the hairbrush, then comb your tips. We advise you not to spray directly on the hair, because the alcohol in the perfume has a dehydrating effect.

– The best place to apply the perfume when wearing a dress or skirt is behind the knees, this being one of the warmest areas of the body.

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