How Long Do Perfumes Last?

I know that many of you have at one time bought a perfume that you knew very well and you have found that in fact the freshly bought perfume is not the same as the one you knew. The first thought was that you took the plunge and bought a counterfeit perfume, despite the fact that you bought it from a store known to be reliable.

That surprised look of people when you tell them that perfumes are expiring is one of those weird moments in someone’s life, when they realize:

– Most people do not know that perfumes expire;

– Most people do not know how to prolong or preserve perfumes;

– Most people are not interested in this, or do not have a large number of perfumes to be interested.

Forget something to think about – perfumes and scents generally have three enemies: light, heat and air. Let’s summarize how these components can affect the fragrance.

Wondering why some perfumes only need one spray and you can smell it all day long? On the contrary, can you use another perfume in abundance and disappear in an instant? It is clear that not all flavors are the same and that it depends on the proportion of concentration in the composition of the perfume – the ratio between water, alcohol and perfume essence. However, there is no precise rule on the proportion of essence (oil) in a perfume that a perfume manufacturer should follow. Therefore, the percentage of scented components reported for the same type of perfume (EdP, EdT, etc.) from different manufacturers may vary slightly. If we ignore the concentration of perfumes, perfumes can be divided into groups according to the type of perfumes – categories. Also, the distribution of ingredients is not entirely strict and the different types of flavors naturally overlap. However, the basic classification is floral, citrus, oriental, woody, fougère (fern), cypress, aquatic and leather.

Knowing the type for a certain perfume, you can imagine it better without smelling, just knowing what tones predominate in the perfume.

Do you know what the name of the perfumes means (Eau de Parfum, Eau de Toilette, etc.)?

Eau is a word of French origin and is a name for water. Therefore, we use the common name – perfume water, toilet water, cologne, for various types of flavors. Perfumes come in many different forms, concentrations, compositions and have many different names.

The basic and best-selling are the following 4 types:

Perfume (P)

Perfume Water (EdP)

Eau de toilette (EdT)

Eau de cologne (EoC)

Their use changes throughout the year and on different occasions. You certainly do not choose a strong perfume when you do sports, and vice versa, in winter or during a festive event you do not use the fine cologne.

Perfume P or Perfume Extract. Perfume is the most concentrated form of perfume found in a regular store. Perfumes are rich and strong, containing 15-40% perfume oil. The consistency of the real perfume is denser than that of EdP and therefore most of these perfumes are sold in spray-free bottles. To apply on the skin, use only a few drops, some perfumes even last more than 10 hours. People often forget that authentic perfumes are produced with a minimum and the perfume is used as a generic name for any perfume. Eau de Parfum (perfume water) is a mixture of scented oil based on alcohol, which contains a proportion of oils between 8-15% and about 85% alcohol. It is not only the chosen perfume that is important, but also its method of application, in the areas of the body where the pulse feels best, namely at the wrist, on the neck. Read more … Eau de toilette Eau de toilette (EdT) is a name for an alcohol-based scented oil solution, with a perfume oil utilization ratio of 4-8% in alcohol of about 80%. Eau de toilette should be applied to the skin, in places where the pulse feels best, repeatedly during the day. Read more … Eau de cologne EdC or eau de cologne is a light fragrance with a perfume content of 3-5%. Due to its low perfume content, it has a pleasant and discreet aroma. Therefore, it is ideal for daily wear, sports activities and application on hot summer days. The first Colony was produced more than 300 years ago in Cologne and has been produced in the same composition to this day.

How long an original perfume lasts depends on each person’s skin / skin. Usually, in people with dehydrated skin, the perfume does not last as long as in other people. Secondly, it depends on the type of perfume (cologne, eau de toilette – the most traded form of perfume, perfume water and perfume essence). Usually, the original perfumes (EDT – eau de toilette) can last up to 5-6 hours. Thirdly, it depends on the manufacturer’s recipe. It is known that eau de toilette does not have a fixed content of perfume essence (as part of the product), but it is known that it should be between 4 and 8% of the content.

How Long Do Perfumes Last?
How Long Do Perfumes Last?
How Long Do Perfumes Last?
How Long Do Perfumes Last?

Although heat is a significant element, you should not let the perfumes freeze. This, despite the logic that if the fire is harmful to perfumes, then the cold must be better. The truth is that perfumes do best at lower temperatures – neither extreme heat nor frost are good for the product. One of the most harmful places where people keep their perfumes (next to the closet) is in the bathroom. Both the humidity and the temperature in the bathroom fluctuate. If you are an ordinary person, take a bath or shower once a day. This means that bath perfumes are exposed to rapid temperature changes on a regular basis. Every time you take a shower or prepare a bath, you probably make the room environment a little warmer and wetter. Heat can damage perfumes just like sunlight. Many people who own perfume bottles probably have that type of spray bottle that evenly distributes the smell. These types of glass are good for reducing exposure to air, which can also lead to damage to the perfume. Although, if you have perfumes from plant extracts, oils or spray bottles, you will have a somewhat unpleasant experience. It is impossible to stop the contact between air and perfume, especially if you are in possession of a bottle that requires opening before application. Moreover, spray bottles tend to be more sensitive to evaporation, still glass. However, some of these types of perfumes last longer than others.

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