How to Avoid Wearing too much Perfume

For sure, the perfume is a part of our life whether we are talking about men or women. If you are always trendy, for sure you have already created what is called a “signature scent”.
It often happens to wear too much perfume. This doesn’t happen because you really want to. It can happen even without you realizing it. Wearing a long period of time a certain type of perfume, you get used to that smell and you don’t feel it like you did at first. So you will be tempted to spray more and more.
An exceptional way to avoid wearing too much perfume is to stop wearing it directly o your skin. You could spray one or two blasts upwards in the air in front of you and quickly walk through the mist it creates. This way you will take only a small part of the fragrance’s power.
Another handy solution can be to stop wearing the perfume only in the upper part of your body (like after the ears, on the neck). You can spray it on the wrists or behind the knee. In this way, the fragrance will rise more heavily. It is a good and useful method, that is sure.
It is best to pay attention to your schedule. For example, if you are working into an office environment it would be best to be careful and not disturb the people around you with your perfume. Indeed it is truly important not to disturb other persons around you with your scents. Especially when you are working in a crowded office.
Obviously, in order to avoid wearing a perfume that might bother the ones around you, another solution would be to choose a not too heavy fragrance.

Below you may find some example of quality and not too overpowering perfume:

For Women:
not too overpowering perfume for women

not too overpowering perfume

For Men:
stunnig fragrance

not too overpowering perfume 2015

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