How to prolong the effect of a perfume 2017

It is known that warmer skin intensifies the scent, but it and make it evaporate faster. That’s why pulse points are very popular to wear a fragrance (wrists, the neck) are being warmer and stimulate the smell.

The perfumes will better withstand the skin more oily or greasy, but such skin is associated with higher temperature, and therefore will evaporate faster.

Indeed perfumes resists better fabrics and clothes, but care must be taken because fragrances can irreparably damage the fabric. The problem with this approach is that the smell will be quite impersonal and neutral, rather than receiving specific note that he would introduce a combination of oils in the skin.

A little known trick which greatly improves the duration of a perfume is to use a body cream or shower gel in the same range or based on that perfume. No wonder many producers began to sell perfume and cosmetics paired and products such as shower gels have become extremely popular due to their quality.

Another method of extending the effect is not to spray directly Yorkers, but give the scent a short distance in front of you and then to enter into such vapors created. The smell will parallelize, including clothes, yet without becoming too intrusive, and will take time.

If you like to wear perfume to hair recommendation would be not you spray directly Yorkers hair spray Yorkers but the hairbrush and then brush your hair gently, to give you a flavor discreet.

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