How to Wear a Fragrance

The fragrance is an important part of any woman or man’s look. But the question of how to wear correctly a perfume arises. Below you may find some ideas and tips that I hope you will find very useful.
Less is more. Indeed, your fragrance should attract people to you, not the opposite. Discretion is an important aspect when wearing a perfume.
Wear it on the area where the pulse is felt. Well, yes, wear the fragrance behind the ear, on your neck, at your wrists and behind your knees. In those areas the blood is closer to the skin and the area is warmer which makes the perfume last longer.
Make sure your skin is not dry. You should definitely use a moisturizing body cream before applying the fragrance.
Be careful at the season. The perfume has to be chosen according to the season because each season has its own fragrance that suits it.
Do not wear perfume on your hair. – I have seen a lot of advices that you should spray your fragrance directly on your hair. Well, this is totally wrong. You should never apply the perfume directly on your hair because some of them might contain substances that can interact with your shampoo or conditioner.

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Coco Chanel: “Wear the perfume where you want to be kissed”.

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