Joop! Homme

Joop! Homme Eau De Toilette is a perfume dedicated to the mature man with firm opinions. Toilet water JOOP! Homme is ideal for cold days and autumn and winter nights. The essence of the masculine charm is in the 125 ml bottle. JOOP! Homme is a perfume of contrasts, launched in 1989 under the signature of Michel Almairac. A fragrance of floral, woody and exotic shades in harmony with hard-warm accents, so JOOP! Homme is hot – spicy, fresh and sexy. The sensual oriental perfume has an explosion of citrus – orange blossoms, Amalfi lemon, tangerine, freshness at first being in contrast with the warm accords – cardamom and cinnamon. Heart JOOP! Homme contains superb notes of lily of the valley, silky jasmine and heliotrope. JOOP’s wooden base! Homme eau de toilette is intensely masculine by revealing vanilla tones with patches, tonka beans and sandalwood. This bouquet of flavors becomes a fantasy for the senses. JOOP! (fashion and cosmetics) was launched in 1981 by Wolfgang Joop – born in 1944. In 1987 he was present at the launch of his first perfume collection. The collection is also notable due to the aftershave products that make it up. These products are still among the most widespread in Germany, the country of the founder. “Joop!” Perfumes they are easily distinguished due to their unique flavors and the fact that they have a long-lasting persistence.

The men’s perfume line started with JOOP! Homme eau de toilette and aftershave, then expanded and includes: JOOP! Jump For Him eau de toilette and aftershave, JOOP! Rococo for Men eau de toilette, JOOP! Go For Him aftershave, JOOP! Joop For Him eau de toilette, Joop! Nightflight eau de toilette and JOOP!

What About Adam For Him eau de toilette. Joop! Homme Eau de Toilette is oriental and very sensual, it does not take into account age, it gives confidence and power, sensuality and masculinity.

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