Lancome Hypnose Review

Lancome Hypnose is bottled in a blue glass twisted cylinder. The model is not something after which to be mad, but it is functional, looks good and is easy to keep.

Finally, although the aesthetic is not in my best interest, the bottle is well designed and I can appreciate it for the simplicity and the hah! Approach of a classic rectangular bottle.

In the glass: Citrus and clean, mixed with a sweet fruit fragrance, which combines in a bouquet of floral, to form balance.

Applied: Despite the small list of notes, at a closer look, Lancome Hypnose has much more depth. I feel an obvious note of citrus before a fruit element rolls into the perfume.

Lancome Hypnose is sweet but has a personality that I really like, coming close to the middle stage where I can swear that aniseed smell, even if it is not on the list of notes. Anise spares the perfume a little more, giving it a quality of sweet wood, while blending with a creamy rose.

Then the perfume touches the drying by smelling a bit of wood and earth, with a base of vetiver and vanilla.

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