Lolita Lempicka Review

2016 lolita lempicka

One of the most interesting and enigmatic scent is Lolita Lempicka.
Lolita Lempicka is a feminine fragrance, slightly sweet that it seems appropriate for almost any season (say that summer is needed more fresh) and for any occasion. I would wear in college, at work, at an exit in the park, anywhere you want to feel great, yes, indeed because it feels amazing. Its scent gives you a lot of confidence. Who does not want to feel confident and to feel its self confidence boosting. Top notes are anise and ivy, they feel easy at first and draw, but what will captivate you completely. Heart notes are licorice, violet and iris, and the basic vanilla, almond and tonka. Only by reading these notes you can imagine how well can smell this perfume. I admit, the more I like how it feels when the scent reached base notes, floral and woody although neither side is no less important.

Perfume box is simple but tasteful. Not really give clues about what was inside, but when you open it a surprise. The fragrance look spectacular, out like a fairytale and has some details that impress. Although I saw pictures of this perfume, I still was surprised when I saw the delicate apple-shaped bottle. The spray system is also great, at least I have not seen / owned system.

Although it’s sweet, it’s kind of perfume to make you dizzy. I support it very well and I really have problems of this kind. He has a balanced forbid me headaches.
No doubt it is a great scent , versatile enough, and for sure it represent a great option if you are a feminine, delicate yet mysterious girl. Yes, worth to try and worth to have it in your collection of perfumes.
Many times when you will not know what perfume to use , Lolita Lempicka will be a great choice.

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