Marc Jacobs Decadence Perfume

marc jacobs decadence review

American designer Marc Jacobs transcends the boundaries of universal fashion for more than a quarter of a century. His creations are unique, unpredictable and inspirational. The secret of his success lies in the courage to swim against the current and discover unexpected beauty.

Launched in 2015, we are talking about a sensual, memorable and absolutely decadent – this is Marc Jacobs Decadence perfume water. Leave the will of your most secret desires, live by your own rules!

– a elegant woody perfume with oriental accents
– for a sophisticated woman with refined tastes
– especially suitable for evening and special occasions

The composition of the perfume:
The tip of the olfactory pyramid combines the essence of Italian sweet plums, sour iris and rarely saffron. The heart blooms in iris root arrangements, with the elegant Bulgarian rose and the dazzling Arabic jasmine. The base transpires with secret notes of vetiver, amber and papyrus.

The Story of the Perfume:
The story of the Decadence fragrance is that of revealed passion, the desire to live without rules and artificial limits. Unlike the Daisy collection, which symbolizes a sweet and innocent girl, Decadence is the ultimate feminine Marc Jacobs perfume: mature, sexy and sophisticated.

Marc Jacobs Decadence perfume opens softly with fleshy and juicy plum notes, which offer a fragrant and sweet smell, thus symbolizing the Rubensian and sensual forms of a lady. In order to give elegance and nobility, the iris notes make their appearance, proud, revealing the woman’s finesse and delicacy. Saffron, also called red gold, is the one that shows the opulence and lushness of the perfume, bringing a natural smell of fresh earth, thus connecting the wearer with nature. This magical figure that is incorporated through the top ingredients is the one that describes a strong, natural and charming style of a woman. The nobility, elegance and distinction offered by the harmonious fusion of saffron and iris describe the imposing and select woman, for whom lush is a basic word. Also, the gourmet scent offered by plums reminiscent of a woman’s figure presents her as a deity, a contemporary Aphrodite. The floral scent that pierces the heart of the perfume in the middle notes propels the image of the woman on the highest peaks. 3, magic number, middle ingredients describe the woman, namely: Bulgarian rose, sambac jasmine and iris bulbs. The delicate and sensual scent of the Bulgarian rose reveals the passionate and seductive woman, fragile but strong, the mature and self-controlled woman who is seen from the position of a hunter. The sambac jasmine is the one that highlights the angelic and delicate side of the woman, but still seductive, being a real aphrodisiac. The iris bulbs have a strong essence, that captures the wearer’s senses, thus outlining the royal side of the woman. Seductive, passionate, fragile, delicate, royal, the words that draw the woman in the middle notes. The base notes have a slightly woody heart, amber is the one that still keeps the opulence of the perfume on, but it offers a wild, woody, sweet picture, putting the woman in a wild frame. The strong smell of Vetiver merges with that of papyrus offers a strong and intense essence of wood and fresh green smell. The combination of the three ingredients demonstrates that lush nature in which the woman is seen and penciled. They are practically the setting in which the woman is seen as a moving and charming cat.

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