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What drives a woman crazy first? The perfume of the man he likes! The olfactory imprint is definitely an unbeatable seduction weapon, which is why choosing perfume is all the more important. Be intense, but not disturbing, resistant, but not suffocating, and especially to suit the personality of the wearer.

Every man has at least one favorite perfume. Some use the same perfume all their lives. Others change, keep changing, search, try and fail to stabilize. After all, a man’s relationship with a perfume has some similarities with the relationships he has with women who appear during his life.

When you put on perfume, it’s to smell good. Certainly. But it is also to please the other. To attract, intoxicate and make succumb the woman of her dreams for example.
If you recognize yourself in this description, gentlemen, you must have already wondered which were the perfumes for men that “excited” women the most.

The modern man does not need compromises. It deserves quality at the best price. Get inspired by these fantastic perfumes.

  1. Sauvage by Dior
Mens Cologne

Strong, magnetic, mysterious, sensual and so eminently French: this is the shortest description we could give you for Sauvage. The best male perfume in our top was re-released with the image of Johnny Depp, a symbol of rebellious masculinity. With notes of bergamot, pepper, lavender, nutmeg and vanilla, the essence of the first position deserves its reputation as “the most”. In addition, it has an amazing sillage.

2. 1 Million Lucky Paco Rabanne

Mens Cologne

A true bestseller, this perfume is one of the latest appearances on the list of the most beloved of all time. It is addressed to the man who is not afraid to live fully, who follows all his dreams and dares to carry a vibrant, powerful and extremely sensual olfactory imprint. The warm, woody chords blend with the sweet, gourmets (plum and honey) and the fresh ones (ozone), in a fragrance that stays in your mind and soul. After the resounding success of the Paco Rabanne One Million, it’s time for a new perfume, Paco Rabanne Million 1 Million Lucky, to complete the suite of fine essences dedicated to hard sex. On the occasion of the launch, the brand was a resounding success, which happened.
Perfect with an imposing character, but weighted enough not to look arrogant, the new perfume Paco Rabanne Million 1 Million Lucky talks about the man just past adolescence, who experiences the first vibrations of maturity through a strong masculine style. The essence is constituted on a contradiction of citrus, woody and floral accents that results in the form of an absolutely conquering spray that places the focus on the silhouette of the modern man.
No one can accuse Paco Rabanne of being too creative with his flavors. The Lucky edition of the 1 million collection follows a well-known model: sweet accents on a synthetic wood base as an interpretation of the modern man who lives in dolce vita. Valentino made a move with Uomo.
Paco Rabanne 1 Million Lucky opens in the same proven shade of Invictus. Spraying begins with a grapefruit chord integrated into the juice of Greengage plums, while the ozone notes restore the lightness of the fragrance, which thus becomes easy to wear. However, the effect does not last long, because it is strewn with a hazelnut syrup sweetened with honey and jasmine flowers, sharpened with accents of cashmere wood and cedar wood. The fleshy base consists of a bed of patchouli, oakmoss and vetiver, finishing the spray with a fresh touch.
Although the aroma seems conventional at first, the interesting plum arrangement makes its presence felt in a subtle but intriguing way. The citrus opening progresses, predictably, in a sweet cashmere heart wrapped in honey and hazelnuts. At this stage, Paco Rabanne Million 1 Million Lucky is most reminiscent of Salvatore Ferragamo Uomo. Unlike the latter, 1 million Lucky seems less complex and flatter.
With the escape of all accents, the perfume dries in a sweet note followed by the wood base of vetiver and oak. Paco Rabanne Million 1 Million Lucky is going through a remarkable progression, which makes it somewhat interesting. What remains constant, however, is its synthetic character. Extremely sweet, fruity opening, it integrates easily, however, with woody notes, highlighting a hint of hazelnut with a hint of praline. Although the notes of grapefruit do not feel predominantly in the beginning, they feel more pronounced with the drying of the perfume on the skin.
The transition from opening to drying may seem steep at first. Although it does not have a common character with the original 1 million, you can see more similarities with Paco Rabanne Black XS due to the sweet opening. The projection is long lasting, with a moderate and intense sillage. The packaging reflects the Paco Rabanne imprint, becoming almost a brand logo.

3. Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male

Mens Cologne

This is an “old school” creation. Among the men’s perfume stars, Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male has been shining for almost a quarter of a century! It is full of adventure and the aromas of the distances, which inspired its composition … The top contains bergamot, cardamom, lavender, mint and teddy, the heart is sweet as orange and cinnamon flowers, and the solid, woody base radiates aromas of berries. tonka, with sandalwood, exotic amber and vanilla. Classic and timeless, this fragrance revisits masculinity with modernity and subtlety. Its fresh and flowery top notes find a perfect balance with its warmly spicy heart and its woody trail. The whole offers a mixture of sensual overtones, which has appealed to both men and women since its creation. It is renowned for leaving in the wake of anyone who wears it a tender and irresistible fragrance, without ever being aggressive thanks to its freshness. However, it should not be abused during the application.
If it is a must, it is also a very well-known and worn perfume. And, quite powerful and sweet, it will not suit all profiles. The bottle is just as emblematic: the male torso has something to thrill with its aesthetics as much as its fragrance!

4. Armani Acqua di Gio

Mens Cologne

The legendary creator Alberto Morillas plays majestically with the senses of modern men through the perfume Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gio. The introduction of oceanic notes within this aroma has led to numerous controversies at the time of its launch (1996). But its success has made it a leitmotif of the purifying marine aromas, hence the huge number of replications you can find at every step. Similar to the popularity of Chanel No.5, Armani Acqua di Gio fully deserves its leading position in this top men’s perfume, the profile studies revealing that one copy is sold every five seconds on the planet. With a scent reminiscent of a vacation on a tropical island, the fragrance opens with an explosion of citrus notes, the most prominent of which are the bergamot, lemon, orange, lime and tangerine chords. Following the drying of the spectacular lemonade, there is a floral proposal to be rejected from the composition of Acqua di Gio, which compliments the sharp character of the incipient. Thus, in the heart of the essence are projected petals of violets, cyclamen, smiles, rose, Freesia and jasmine, but in an aromatic manner, not at all feminine. The reason lies in the resources spiced with Mediterranean origins that Alberto Morillas uses, namely coriander, rosemary and nutmeg. It is an Eau de toilette that we recommend without hesitation if you are looking for a fresh, delicate but masculine fragrance.
Thanks to its scent that shines without ever adding to the atmosphere and to its long-lasting hold, it is an ideal perfume to wear on a daily basis, but which does not denote in any social evening. It goes superbly with the spring and summer months, while being suitable for all seasons. Finally, its elegant frosted glass bottle has all its charm!

5. Bleu de Chanel

Mens Cologne

Bleu de Chanel is one of the latest blends launched by the Chanel brand, the luxury home that was last addressed to the male audience through the Allure Homme Sport flavor. Its creator, Jacques Polge himself, has stated that Bleu de Chanel is a mixture made to become the accessory of a homogeneous audience, and for this reason it is not surprising that it occurs in any of the top men’s perfumes of the modern era. Moreover, Jaqcues Polge describes him as a sincere elixir, direct and rich in fine, high quality raw materials, defined to reach an agreement with the vision of the modern man on the essences. Bleu de Chanel opens with a complex marine agreement, much more refined and intensified than in the rest of the fresh – aquatic perfumes. His seduction is fueled by the manner in which the heart juggles with the floral notes. Jasmine manages to round the perfume through its aromatic curves, turning it into a favorite of the female audience. Under the harmony of this aromatic bouquet, the Chypre – oriental base resides, dominated by the precious and refined amber accord. The Bleu de Chanel perfume aims by its name to propagate the idea that marine agreements are not only intended for sporting essences, but can be transformed into as precious and elegant ingredients as the finest raw materials of the East. With a poetic quality, Chanel Bleu de Chanel becomes an ideal instrument that will attract the appreciative looks of the women around you.

6. Terre D’Hermes

Mens Cologne

Hermes Terre d’Hermes perfume is one of the undeniable favorites of the male audience, the purchase decision being coordinated by the original interpretation of an original olfactory theme. Thus, the sky harmonizes with the earth in Terre d’Hermes Eau de Parfum, the celestial hypostasis being sketched with invigorating tones of white and orange grapefruit, while the earth hypostasis takes shape with the notes of bezo, vetiver and cream. Thus, the perfumer of the house Hermes – Jean Claude Ellena – deepens the spell of the toilet water through a much more intense and mysterious composition, which amplifies the notion of bright light and moist soil, sharpening the contrasts presented for the first time in Terre d’Hermes Eau De Toilette. The opening of the elixir brings under the same roof exotic notes of shiso, ripe slices of orange and sharp juice of a grapefruit, these being the ingredients that define the route of the composition to its mineral core. Abyssal prominence on the skin and longevity are traits that are due to the last olfactory floor, where the rules are established by the woody agreements, the unmistakable smell of benzene and Vetiver.

7. Versace Eros

Mens Cologne

With a complex structure, but with a simplistic scent, the Eros perfume aims to reinvent the Versace man. The route you choose is one divided into three directions. Thus, the start is dominated by green agreements, from which the sharp juice of green apple and lemon, decorated with fresh mint leaves, is detached. The middle, on the other hand, enchants with color and fragrance, being a delightful combination of ambroxane, bite and Tonka bean beans. Thus, after the ferocious mixture of lemon and apples is lost on the wearer’s skin, a curious contrast of ambroxane and Tonka berries appears in an iridescent way, preparing the background for the projection of the oriental – woody base. Despite its very sweet character, vanilla is here an ingredient that emanates masculinity and strength, being the source of the magnetism that Eros manifests on women.

8. Yves Saint Laurent Y

Mens Cologne

It’s the type of cologne that if someone were to walk past you, it will trigger your sense of arousal. A truly wonderful combination. This Eau de toilette is distinguished by fresh, vibrant and sensual notes, ideal for the spring and summer seasons. Light and floral, it diffuses typically masculine chords without being too catchy and overly virile. Aimed at creative and self-confident men, it coalesces in an elegant bottle that is at the same time refined, minimalist and resolutely modern.
This fragrance was created to evoke the creativity and enterprising character of the accomplished modern man, who confidently follows his passions and intuitions. It subtly combines freshness and sensuality, which makes it ideal to wear in spring. Its excellent hold, coupled with its lightness, is also very attractive.
The fragrance is part of the olfactory family of dark clear fern. More concretely, it is divided between two agreements. The first, the clear accord, is defined by floral notes of absolute geranium supported and enhanced by the presence of white aldehydes. The second, which is the dark chord of creation, embeds deeper notes of frankincense and ambergris chord.
We are then faced with a fresh, floral and light fragrance, which remains typically masculine. Note that, according to some users, this is a fairly ordinary fragrance. If it is a safe bet, it may lack a bit of originality for the most intrepid of you.
On the other hand, its bottle particularly catches the eye. If at first glance it presents a sleek and minimalist design, it incorporates an original and modern detail in the presence of a notch bringing the Y of its name to life.
Therefore, if this fragrance lacks a bit of originality, it remains a safe bet to test when the weather is good. Light, fresh and sensual, it stands out with a fairly decent composition and a chic and modern bottle.

9. Invictus by Paco Rabanne

Mens Cologne

Do not hesitate, you deserve to be rewarded with the trophy-shaped bottle of Invictus perfume, created by the extraordinary Paco Rabanne! As intense and bold as you would expect from his remarkable glass, Invictus combines complementary notes of geranium, grapefruit, guaiac resin, wood and red amber, and the effect is a delight for the senses! With this perfume in your collection, you will feel a winner!

10. Stronger with You Intensely Armani

Mens Cologne

Any perfume with a “chestnut-wrapped chestnut accord” will win our hearts! There is a bold contrast of fresh and spicy notes in this fougère perfume from Armani, which fits perfectly with the modern man of today. The pink pepper, the already mentioned “sugar-wrapped chestnut” accord, the notes of suede and Bourbon Vetiver are masterfully combined to create a sensational fragrance.
Emporio Armani Stronger With You defines itself as a perfume for men who do not abuse the power of their position and are impartial when it comes to territory. The essence betrays the malleable and sensitive side of the man, vulnerabilities that are under the sign of love and passion. The prestige and elegance that characterize the Armani brand are hypothesized in terms of the olfactory aspect of perfumery creations, which are becoming more and more appreciated over the years. Despite the interdependence with the paired perfume, Emporio Armani Stronger With You innovates with the balanced note it exposes, offering the man with a unique combination of tones that mixes precisely and offers a unique feeling, strong and slightly subdued at the same time.

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