Most Expensive Perfumes for Men 2019

I love perfumes. Actually it’s not the word I like. Are collector are irrational when it comes to them, they are taken to the raft. Cork and go, normally a bad perfume.
I’m not into the lab and I do not care how they occur, as evidenced factory, who put them in glass and so on. If rational blend in this story, what interests me disappears. I am interested in the effect.
I’m interested in what state that perfume and if I wake in my mind a verse begins nebula favorable. If in the first seconds of sniffing, may already have in mind some lyrics or anything of what I call poetry sensations that come perfume wish list and already has a good chance to come and collect material.
Some are niche, others are very expensive. We aimed to review the most expensive in the following lines:

Tom Ford Tobacco Oud

Upon initial application, there is a strong, somewhat sour tobacco overtone which has an edge to it. After about half an hour, the tobacco scent begins to dissipate and yields to a prominent woody aroma. A truly interesting and refined perfume from Top Ford.

Straight to Heaven by Kilian

Straight to Heaven is woody spicy fragrance that is designed by Kilian and was launched in 2007. The fragrance is composed of several notes with a fabulous odor such as amber, musk, jasmine, Virginia cedar, patchouli, rum, nutmeg, vanilla and dried fruits.

Miller Harris Tangerine Vert Eau De Parfum

That is a fantastic scent very energizing, it opens with citrus notes. It develops into a mature character thanks to the marjoram and geranium. Its freshness can suit both men and women but is more suited to men because of its sharp scent.

Clive Christian 1872


It has a strong citrus scent with a tinge of spice. What makes this scent so well-loved is the way it was prepared. It follows old perfume tradition of using ingredients that are strictly vegetable in order for the fragrance to last hours long. Indeed it is also a very long lasting scent.

Clive Christian No. 1 Perfume Spray for Men

side from being made from some of the rarest ingredients that are from different parts of the world, it is packaged in a bottle made from crystal and its neck is made of gold.

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