Musky Perfumes

Musk is a fascinating ingredient, which we find especially based on inviting perfumes. He has a fascinating ability to strike a balance between all the other notes and nuances that are built around him. It emits an unparalleled sensuality and a special warmth that, in most cases, combines with the vanilla aroma, just as inviting and attractive.
The musk is practically the ingredient secreted by the males of the muscat deer species, which presents a sac that secretes this substance, with the help of which they manage to attract the female. Since 1979, the use of this essence has been banned, but it has been replaced by a number of plants that share a similar odor.

Musk is indispensable in the perfume industry for its unique property to stylistically balance the composition, and to add a subtle note of sensuality and warmth. Musky perfumes are extremely appreciated by everyone. It is a natural, sensual, enchanting and aromatic ingredient that urges you to dream, which offers you the ideal setting for fulfilling all desires. It is used to make many contemporary perfumes, but it is important how it combines with the other notes and the symphony it outlines.

Aroma profile: animal, deep, warm, alive, dense, fecal, sexual, sweet, sometimes powdery / powdery, fertile, stable, organic; also described as: sweet, creamy, rich, leathery, spicy and even woody. Always the base note. It combines easily with almost all categories of notes and chords.

Musky perfumes suggestions:

Armani Emporio In Love With You Freeze

Musky Perfumes

In Love With You Freeze Eau de Parfum is a fresh feminine perfume from the Emporio Armani brand, which incorporates the enthusiasm of the most intense love, which is kept with the intensity of the first day: seductive, velvety and delicate, but exploding with deep sensuality. In Love With You Freeze is a new interpretation of the iconic In Love With You perfume. In Love with You Freeze is a floral-fruity fragrance that caresses you with notes of fresh cherry, which gives you addiction, delicate peony, seductive and warm patchouli, and sensual and elegant white musk.

Givenchy Ange Ou Demon le Secret Elixir

Musky Perfumes

Musk is also mixed with the enticing smell of vanilla. This ingredient also has an aphrodisiac effect, managing to arouse the interest of the opposite sex, which it attracts in an avalanche of love, soaked in sweet, fragrant and full of warm accords. It can be integrated in the category of floral perfumes, which begin with slightly bitter accords, but the base is the one that is a very practical character.

Guerlain Shalimar

Musky Perfumes

Shalimar was created in 1925 by Jacques Guerlain as a tribute to the legendary love story between Mumtaz Mahal and Emperor Shahjahan. Shalimar is named after the Shalimar Gardens, the queen’s favorites. The notes are very well chosen, do not smell at all synthetic and do not give headaches.

Moschino Toy 2

Musky Perfumes

The Moschino Toy 2 women’s perfume was launched in 2018, being a creation by Alberto Morillas and Fabrice Pellegrin. The flanker has a floral-woody character, being carefully designed on intense musk arrangements. Also, in the composition of the new Moschino edition there are effervescent and citrus accords of mandarin and apple, while the base is woody, engraved with musk petals. New and exclusive, Moschino Toy 2 also has an original and attractive design, with a fine, transparent glass.


Musky Perfumes

Giorgio Armani Si Passione Intense is the new version of an extremely popular perfume launched by Giorgio Armani. During the seven years since the launch of the original Giorgio Armani Si perfume, new flankers with unique compositions have aroused interest among lovers of fine perfumes. Although it contains fruit, the perfume is vanilla, composed of white flowers and refined woody notes. Rich, bright and elegant, like a bouquet of flowers offered on special occasions. Giorgio Armani Si Passione Intense perfume water is energetic, enriched by the presence of musk notes and accentuated by the unique combination of flowers and aromatic fruits. This mix symbolizes the feminine duality and is inspired by the scents of nature to point out the inherited, genetic beauty that every woman benefits from, but which she must emphasize by wearing a perfume according to her personality. The harmony of the aromas in the composition is revealed with the help of blackcurrant nectar that is extremely strong, even intoxicating if you are not used to strong perfumes. Such openness is representative of modern women, fearless and eager to succeed. In the heart of the creation, the jasmine petals beat hard, an extremely delicate white flower, but which predominates throughout the day with mastery. The mix is ​​accompanied towards the end of wearing by the basic notes of natural inspiration such as cedar and white musk. The strong smell acquires a velvety aura due to the vanilla insert, which is joined by the essence of patchouli, thus transforming the perfume into a creation with a special and unmistakable character.

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