Natural Perfume vs Synthetic

In the composition of a perfume there are extremely many substances, some of which can cause allergies. That’s because over 90% of these substances are derived from petrochemicals. As a result, the use of some perfumes may cause some more sensitive symptoms such as:
• headaches
• nausea
• allergies to the skin
• Irritations of the eyes, throat or nose.

If you have such problems, it is advisable to consult your family doctor or dermatologist and pay attention to the substances that have been labeled on your perfume label. Eventually you can take the label to your doctor to determine which ingredients you are allergic to.
If it contains substances like toluene or ketones and you know you’ve had problems, maybe it’s better to avoid them.

In principle, natural fragrances (in other words, those that contain natural essential oils, flower based products, and plant extracts) are not the ones you find on store shelves. With the end of World War II mass production and marketing of synthetic fragrances began, which continues today.

Because natural fragrances are hard to find, if you think you will have or have had problems, I recommend that you:
• Choose a lower concentration of perfume
• Get rid of compounds that are known to cause irritation: linalol, camphor, benzyl acetate, ethyl acetate, benzyl alcohol.

Natural perfume:

natural perfume 2019

natural fragrance 2019

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