Office Fragrance For Women

The fragrance that I wear is your personality fingerprint. It is therefore very important to know how to choose it and use it, so be discreet and pleasant presence. If you are an active women you surely need an office fragrance for women.

Brunettes perfumers agree that they “come good” or amber musky notes, fresh notes to bitter blondes and redheads citrus fragrance with amalgams. If possible, the best thing would be to use two different fragrances depending on the time of day, the context or the occasion. It is the best solution for a complex and complete expression of your personality When choosing a certain fragrance should take into account the level of dryness or moisture from that period because it influences the reaction of the fragrance on the skin. Thus, in the morning, especially in spring and summer, “go” well notes discrete, green floral, cold or hot, and for the evening and for the fall season recommendation are turning to fragrances wood, bergamot, floral, oriental, Cyprus or even notes of tobacco and vanilla.

The corporate world is seriously contemplating to implement a fragrance restriction law and spread the idea that perfumes should be persona non–grata in the spaces where money is being made.
As scents can make us happy, there is the possibility that odors from the office to afflict us. Medical opinions are divided about multiple chemical sensitivity. One theory is that the disease is caused by the smell of chemicals we are exposed normally the office, cleaning products, deodorants to the room and even perfumes.
Some believe that you should not wear perfume in the office at all, others do not feel good if you are not covered with at least a little. What are the rules of wearing perfume at the office? The right choice would be a clean scent, apply a small amount and that does not have a pungent smell.

First choose a light fragrance. You could try to find your favorite perfume spray version. Deodorants are a suitable alternative because it reduces slightly the way to work, if you used too much. Ideal would be to use than to not have everyone in your way from office to sneeze smell too strong.

From strong signature scents to subtle fresh, citrus blends and sexy patchouli there’s an every day fragrance to suit you.

Whether you’re a throughout the day spritzer or a morning dabbler, this round up of fine fragrances will see you through your working week smelling all kinds of divine.

Tom Ford White Patchouli by Tom Ford for Women
office perfume 2016

Powerful, rich, mysterious, sexy and deep. This is an addictive sexy daytime fragrance with attention grabbing notes of sparkling bergamot and delicate white peony accented with spicy coriander.

BURBERRY for Women Eau de Parfum
2016-2017 office perfume

Burberry Woman or Burberry London for Women is a feminine version of the fragrant duo, called Burberry. Burberry woman is simple and charming, she loves the City she lives in and enjoys the long walks in the streets of London.

Essence Narciso Rodriguez By Narciso Rodriguez For Women

2016-2017 ladies office fragrance

This is a wonderful, clean, sexy fragrance. It does not smell artificial or overpowering. It just uses your natural body scent and enhances it. Narciso Rodriguez Essence is a floral, invigorating fragrance for women, which I believe in a minimalist style. Are you tired of dense, strong and sweet perfumes? If you want to try something pure and delicate, like hugging your loved one, then you will definitely love the Narciso Rodriguez Essence perfume! Like a warm summer breeze, a refreshing spring rain and a welcome kiss! Such is this ethereal and light cocktail, full of freshness and tenderness.
From the beginning, you will be greeted with floral tones, extremely enchanting. The sensual iris, in combination with amber, gives each woman a touch of perfection. In the end, the unique and enchanting essence of musk will penetrate your body, and you will be able to enjoy its essence for a long time.
The famous designer Narciso Rodriquez is famous worldwide for his refined tastes and originality. Its perfumes are not without exotic ingredients, but also feminine essences full of flowers, fruits and the most delicate essential oils from around the world. Essence perfume is designed for those who love purity and tenderness, attributes that are found in the elegant minimalist style. If you are looking for unique moments, full of harmony of body and soul, you will surely fall in love with the fabulous Narciso Rodriguez Essence perfume.

Bvlgari Au The Rouge Eau de Cologne
perfume 2016

Eau Parfumee au The Rouge opens with the notes of pink pepper, orange and bergamot followed by red tea and fig, while the trail is sensual and warm; harmonizing the notes of walnut and musk. The nose behind this perfume is Olivier Polge. It was created in 2006.

Calvin Klein euphoria Eau de Parfum
fragrance 2016

The scent is inspired by the black orchid’s mythical, sexy and exotic notes, creating a truly mysterious and feminine fragrance.
Top: pomegranate, persimmon, lush green accord.
The top opens with an initial burst of pomegranate, succulent persimmon and lush green notes that captivate the senses.

L’eau De Issey By Issey Miyake For Women
2016 best office perfume

It’s a gorgeous perfume – light enough for every day, but easily transitions into a flirty night fragrance.

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