Perfume With Magnolia Notes

Named after Pierre Magnol, a famous botanist from Montpellier (southern France). Appointed director of the Botanical Garden in 1667. The name Magnolia was not designated until 1694. An international shrub genus, Magnolia can be grown and grown in many parts of the world. Magnolia adapts to different environmental conditions, growing from a small shrub in a large tree. The size of the flowers differs, as does the smell, or the colors – from pure white to purple. Magnolias are evergreen shrubs with deciduous leaves. They have the largest flowers and the largest individual leaves of all types of deciduous shrubs. Of all the flowers used in perfumery, magnolia is one of the most magnificent – it is the brilliant diamond in the flower crown of the perfumery and is a truly versatile note, suitable for many different interpretations, from voluptuous to effervescent and all that is between them.

Therefore, magnolia may not be the first flower that comes to mind when you think of the floral notes of a perfume, but it is one that you should know in detail. Magnolia is an ancient flower – a Jurassic plant that flourished in the era of dinosaurs and long before the existence of humans. It has a complex scent that varies from fresh to zest, warm and animal. On the fresher side of the spectrum, the magnolia smells like lemons, with a zest, red and refreshing nature. It can also smell crisp and green with a metallic sheen. On the warmer side, the magnolia has the sweet and creamy intimacy of a hedonistic white flower. It is a complex, radiant and enveloping flower that sings with fragrant beauty.

Now, it is important to know that when we refer to “magnolia” in perfumery, we are referring to a number of ingredients. The flower itself produces oil, however, as is the case with many essences obtained from the heart of flowers, the oil does not smell like the flower. What we feel in perfumes like magnolia is a construction – a puzzle made up of talented performers who use other ingredients, both natural and synthetic, to create a familiar image: that of the magnolia flower.

Versace Bright Crystal Absolut

Perfume With Magnolia Notes

Versace perfume | Versace Versace brand created in 1978. The young Gianni Versace – who comes from the southern part of Italy – has always been an eccentric and a progressive. In the ’80s he became the most popular creator due to his charisma and talent. The modest boy from Calabria quickly becomes a personality, but he has a violent death. This incident managed to destroy a popular man but not the Versace brand, the company being in the hands of his family today. Top note: Yuzu, pomegranate. Heart notes: magnolia, raspberry, lotus, peony. Base notes: mahogany, musk, amber. Versace Bright Crystal Absolu women’s perfume water is a strong fragrant fragrance, with components of delicious flowers and tasty fruits. The intense and persistent scent is interwoven with an expression of love and romance. An original concept of sensuality and feminine elegance. Experience the sweet taste of Versace Bright Crystal Absolu women’s perfume water, which was born by combining unique aromatic tones. These are, for example, pomegranate, raspberry and lotus or amber and musk. A perfect essential combination that will accompany you throughout the day. Versace Bright Crystal Absolu is a perfume water kept in a pink bottle with an original large, crystal-shaped cap. Luxury design, with which any woman will be absolutely confident. On the outside, she looks like a lady who values ​​a perfect aromatic composition and wants to be the center of attention. The perfume was launched on the market in 2013.

Acqua Di Parma Magnolia Nobile Eau De Parfum Spray for Women

Perfume With Magnolia Notes

If you want to smell like a real magnolia with a scent that accurately captures the smell of the flower in the tree, then Acqua di Parma Magnolia Nobile is perhaps the best solution. The perfume opens with a citrus symphony, but as if the orchestra is playing the symphony on instruments made exclusively of flowers. Magnolia Nobile offers a delicate aroma – a sharp bite of lemon and freshly cut greens, which perfectly recreates the freshness of the magnolia. But the warmer part of the perfume is also presented with a heart of white flowers that feel completely alive and bright. The base is patchouli and vetiver, giving more clarity and a bright powdery feeling to the perfume. It is simply the best magnolia. Highly addictive in its joyful reaction, the magnolia perfume features a most alluring scent for the sunny days without the maximum lasting power. It only lasts about 5 hours on the skin as most Acqua di Parma perfumes.
You can wear it on different occasions and even to work.

Guerlain Linstant De Guerlain By Guerlain for Women

Perfume With Magnolia Notes

Magnolia is a bold note, but it is not always the star in a perfume composition, and sometimes it can retreat from the center of the stage to the side of the choir. A good example of a magnolia note as a supporting act is L’Instant De Guerlain. L’Instant is a sexy oriental perfume (a style that Guerlain masters very well) in which honey, magnolia and amber are mixed without interruption so that each of these parts becomes a whole, new entity – a warm, spicy and sweet glow, with hints of creamy flowers. L’Instant De Guerlain is a magnolia-scented moment to be cherished.

Bvlgari Splendida Magnolia Sensuel for Women Eau de Parfum Spray

Perfume With Magnolia Notes

Some magnolia perfumes manage to capture all the olfactory beauty of the flower, the endless sporty freshness and the floral warmth. Magnolia Sensuel, the latest creation of the BVLGARI Splendid collection, is such a perfume and has an incredibly modern air. Sensual magnolia accentuates the creamy heart and tropical magnolia, with mandarin tones, supporting it with an exotic vanilla base, which is spicy and welcoming. The result is a sexy and modern fragrance that does not shout “magnolia” – instead, he slowly whispers the word.

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