Perfumes For The Summer

The fragrance is that accessory that can get you out from the crowd, which can arouse the senses of others. Men and women use perfume, depending on the occasion, outfit, of temperament, of what suits your skin. Of course men are as much as women preoccupied by their perfume.
What suits your skin and smells good, not necessarily everyone else smells good. Testing the hard way not to be a landmark for buying a perfume.
Of course, there is a lot of summer fragrance option we have presented you just a couple of them which we hope to give you some nice hints.

Here are some of our suggestions for PERFUMES FOR THE SUMMER:

Versace Man Eau Fraiche By Gianni Versace

Summer Cologne For Men

Versace Man Eau Fraiche is very refreshing but it has also some woody notes which makes him so special, but it is for sure a great option for summer. From the first moments, you can feel the citrus freshness of bergamot and lemon, complemented by the aroma of carambola fruit, similar to jasmine. There is no lack of woody notes of rosewood, with hints of roses and spicy cardamom. In the medium tones we notice the essence of cedar wood, which is combined with the grassy willow accord and the slightly pungent pepper. The base of the Versace Man Eau Fraîche perfume is also woody, dominated by the plane tree and warmed by an amber-musk duo, with a unique and dizzying floral-spicy saffron accent. Recharge your batteries with Mediterranean energy. Versace Man Eau de Toilette, is a fresher version of the Versace Man perfume and has a pronounced aquatic character. It perfectly complements a man who does not want to get lost in the crowd, but, on the contrary, to stand out.

Davidoff Cool Water Eau de Toilette

Summer Cologne For Men

Immerse yourself in the cold ocean and float on the perfectly blue surface of the water. Davidoff’s Cool Water men’s perfume offers you a dose of cold water and a unique touch with the elements of nature. The perfume, hidden in a bottle the color of the depths of the sea, is simple, pure and masculine. It saw the light of day in 1988. The scent of sea water? You know this because of the water tones that mix with the aromatic aromas of rosemary and lavender. Opposite the sea chords are the green tones enriched with mint and coriander. The heart of the perfume surprises you with warm sandalwood, neroli and the intoxicating scent of jasmine, which is associated with a masculine base that will reveal your sensuality. Let yourself be absorbed in the freshness geyser with Davidoff Cool Water men’s eau de toilette. With a freshness and a subtle aquatic vibe, Cool Water manages to stay in the top of men’s preferences, regardless of age. On the one hand, it captures the canonical standards of elegance and refinement, aspects sought by adults, but it also guides teenagers who want to be surrounded by an invigorating but attractive aroma.

Acqua di Gio by Giorgio Armani for Men

Summer Cologne For Men

The arid and secret shore of the island of Pantelleria, from where Giorgio Armani likes to take his resources, inspired this perfume. An authentic and natural perfume, which represents the masculine power, in its purest fulfillment. The ultimate fresh scent! Aqua di Gio is exactly what you need for a hot summer and is one of the must-have perfumes in any man’s collection. The mixture of marine notes, lime and orange are felt from the first spray, then continue harmoniously with an aroma of white musk, which is kept for a long time on the skin.

First impressions are key, especially in something so powerful. If you’ve smelled Aqua Di Gio and didn’t love it right away, chances are good that you won’t get hooked anytime soon. When you first apply this fragrance to your skin, it immediately brings back memories of summertime picnics and family outings where you’d find yourself walking around wearing nothing but swim trunks and flip flops. You’ll notice that the opening begins with a mixture of tart red fruits and spicy ginger which creates a very refreshing aroma. Then, a hint of lemon enters along with a touch of watermelon followed by a bit of mint and basil. All of these flavors come together during the next section which includes melon, pear, apple, papaya and guava. Next, a whiff of chocolate and coffee arrives along with a few hints of cinnamon. Finally, the base of Aqua Di Gio comes through with a mix of sandalwood, oak moss, amber, musk and patchouli. Overall, this is definitely one fruity, zesty, uplifting scent.
Heart Notes – Jasmine Petals, Ylang-Ylang Flower, Sweet Orange Blossom & Italian Iris
This section carries over many of the same ingredients from the opening but changes up the overall flavor slightly. First off, the combination of lemony acidity turns into a much sweeter sensation. Alongside this change comes a slight shift towards lighter tones due to the addition of lavender and white flowers. A light touch of violet adds even more depth while a small amount of neroli rounds things out. Once again, several different fruit profiles come together including peach, apricot, mango, plum and tangerine. After those warm tones take center stage, the green leafy accents begin to emerge once more. They provide a cool contrast against everything else going on here and give us a little break from all the vibrant colors. To finish off the heart, a touch of honey melds its way in between the woods and the earthiness. Some of the top notes fade down further until only some of the middle note lingers. Lastly, after a brief pause, the base of Aqua Di Gio returns to bring everything together. The outcome? An extremely inviting scent that is both relaxing and energizing.
Base Notes – Oak Moss, Amber, Musk, Patchouly
One thing you should know about Giorgio Armani is that every single creation seems effortless. No matter whether you’re looking at a dress or a bottle of perfume, the finished product always looks completely natural and never feels forced upon the wearer. That holds true for Aqua Di Gio as well. While there may be some strong odors present, none of them feel overpowering or uncomfortable. Instead, they work harmoniously together to form a nice balance for the consumer. The main component is still the softness of the woods which continues throughout the entire composition. There’s still a tiny smidge of spice left at the end, but it fades quickly enough so that you don’t notice it long. Another pleasant surprise is that the last few sections aren’t too heavy on either the sweetness or the dryer aspects of the wood oils. Just keep in mind that this isn’t meant to be worn during cooler months since the heavier elements will cause it to become a bit stronger.
Final Thoughts
We hope that now you can understand why Aqua Di Gio works so well for men. Whether you want to wear it to impress someone special, go out clubbing or simply relax at home, this fragrance will surely please. Of course, it wouldn’t be worth mentioning unless it actually worked as advertised. Luckily, that’s been proven to happen time and time again. We recommend giving Aqua Di Gio a chance and then deciding if you agree based on your own experience. Even though it might seem pricey for a fragrance, it certainly offers quality and value for money. Plus, it lasts a lot longer compared to other popular brands. So, if you’re ready to step up your wardrobe game and try something fresh, pick up a copy today

Joop! Jump Eau de Toilette

Summer Cologne For Men

Shiny, fresh and bright, Joop is a refreshing fragrance that’ll make you feel like a million bucks. Jump into a world of unstoppable energy and enjoy all the adventures that life offers you with the youthful scent of toilet water Jump JOOOP! **. The fragrant scent of fougère was introduced in 2005 and will open the gates of a world where there are no limits. The perfume is designed primarily for men who enjoy every adventure and whose heart beats with sports. The fragrance begins with an invigorating grapefruit concert, aromatic rosemary aroma and a spicy touch of cumin. The aroma of coriander in the heart of the Eau de toilette is complemented by the aroma of a delicate heliotrope, which will highlight the masculine side. With the final chords, they claim the word Vetiver, Tonka beans and sensual musk. Fresh, wild, playful and youthful, this is exactly the scent of the JOOOP Eau de toilette! Jump that fills you with a feeling of joy and gives you an energy boost for the next day.

And while many people might think this would be too sweet for me, I find Joop!’s blend of fruitiness, floral softness and subtle earthiness perfect for daytime wear. In fact, the first time I wore it on a sunny day, I felt as though someone had sprinkled fairy dust all over me. Who knew such a simple fragrance could do so much?
I wasn’t alone in thinking this way; after debuting three years ago at Paris Fashion Week, the scent quickly took off online and offline alike. The same year, JD debuted two more scents — Le Male and Femme, both of which are still available today. But even with four different offerings under his belt, he says he doesn’t plan to release any other fragrances until spring 2018. So there may only be one chance to smell them before they’re gone forever, right? Right. Here’s why you should consider adding a bottle or five to your collection.
Aesthetically speaking, Joop! looks nothing like what most people expect from a “fashion” fragrance. You won’t see gold glitter bottles emblazoned with Swarovski crystals here.
But how does it actually smell? Well…it depends on whether you choose the eau de toilette or eau de parfum. Both versions contain the exact same ingredients, just presented differently.When applied directly onto the skin, the lighter fragrance offers hints of grapefruit zest, lemon peel, mandarin orange, tangerine blossom, jasmine flower, ylang-ylang, sandalwood, amber, olibanoulide, cedar, bergamot, patchouli oil, vanilla bean, oak moss, and vetiver. On top of that, it has a hint of creamy caramelized sugar, which adds sweetness without being overly sugary. This scent makes you feel warm and cozy, yet uplifted and energized at the same time.
However, if you apply it lightly on the pulse points of your wrists, neck, ears and temples, the scent becomes brighter and less heavy than expected. As a result, some women experience headaches and dizziness when wearing the fragrance. Thankfully, there’s also the option of applying the product via atomizer or sprayer, allowing you to control exactly where the fragrance lands on your body.

Let’s talk longevity. Most perfumes fade away within 45 minutes, leaving us smelling stale and wrinkly. Not so with Joop!
In terms of sillage, it’s slightly stronger than average. However, I’ve learned that it spreads better when sprayed on the face then rubbed onto the cheeks and forehead. If you use it elsewhere, you needn’t worry about overpowering unsuspecting co-workers.
What really seals the deal is the overall finish. With every application, I’m left feeling satisfied and happy. That is, unless I happen to catch someone wearing it. Then, I wonder how they got their hands on the real thing and figure they must have stolen it from my closet. Either way, it seems everyone wants a little bit of Joop!.

Versace Eros by Versace

Summer Cologne For Men

Eros men’s eau de toilette from the world-famous brand Versace has found its inspiration in heroism and masculinity, represented by the Greek god Eros. The Greek god Eros is the son of the goddess Aphrodite and is the god of love. The perfume is designed for a strong and charismatic man who is confident, passionate and does not stop in front of any obstacle. The purpose of this perfume is to reveal and release the hidden passion and to emphasize the desire between a woman and a man. When creating this extraordinary perfume, the purpose of Donatella Versace was to think of a perfume that would fit the Versace concept and describe its style. “The Greek motif is the return to ancient Greece and mythology, the turquoise color of the glass represents the Mediterranean Sea. And this connection is the spirit of the Versace brand. „Donatella Versace. The aroma of Versace Eros opens with notes of fresh lemon, unmistakable accents of mint and juicy apple. In the center of the perfume are tonka, ambroxan and geranium. The interesting base notes are cedar, vetiver, musk and sweet vanilla, which concludes an exceptional fragrant symphony. Be irresistible with the divine perfume for men Versace eros.

Nautica – Voyage

Summer Cologne For Men

Do you want to travel? Are you already dreaming of sunny beaches and the sea breeze? Then we recommend a perfume that captures exactly the scent of the ocean. However, its notes do not lead to fresh, aquatic, but rather to green apple, lotus and musk, which combine in such a pleasant way that they transpose you into an ideal vacation by the sea. The composition opens with the sight of a grassy carpet, sprinkled with freshly picked green apple juice. This first stage awakens and invigorates the senses of an active man, throwing him into the vortex of mysterious waters. The heart of the perfume illuminates the vitality of the aromas from the beginning, and the essences of mimosa and lotus float on the glassy surface of the blue sea. The sky is dominated by shades of sunset in pastel and romantic tones. The delicious finish in amber notes and the silky projection of the vetiver encourages masculine instinct and the spirit of adventure. The woody essences and the intense scent of musk attract the navigator in their fragrant nets. The range of ingredients at the end compliments the wearer’s senses with a rich silage and a provocative persistence, lasting on the skin for up to 8 hours. The sea spell is thrown into a bottle inspired by the azure of the morning sky on the waterfront. The senses are flooded with an energetic wave of herbal scents and everything wakes up and invigorates under the cool notes of green apple. At the end of the day, the navigator is accompanied on the way back by the depth of the woody essences from the end of the projection. The modern lines of the container emphasize the practical side of this Nautica Voyage perfume and the man who wears it. The metallic gray shades balance perfectly with the glow of the blue liquid behind the transparent walls.

Hugo Boss Boss No.6 Bottled

Summer Cologne For Men

Hugo Boss’s abstract style is captured in the Boss No.6 Bottled perfume bottle, launched in 1998 by a leading name in the body care products industry. Annick Menardo is the illustrative figure who was fully involved in creating a special composition for this quality brand. The essence is fresh and sharp, but it has a bright and warm base. The fruity top notes are refreshing, being composed of effervescent ingredients, such as citrus and apples, which balance perfectly with the floral and spicy heart. The middle of the perfume is dominated by geranium, hot cinnamon and cloves. The last breath of the perfume highlights an extremely masculine base, composed of sandalwood, vetiver and precious cedar. This is a very sweet and incredibly spicy fragrance. The opening is an intense blend of vanilla and cinnamon, and for the first few minutes it can be considered quite cumbersome, its dense composition being difficult to carry in an office environment.

Citrus fruits are unusual for a masculine perfume, because they give it an invigorating allure, sometimes emblematic for feminine perfumes. Each perfume will evolve differently, this metamorphosis being directly proportional to the type of pH you have. Most people who have tested the Boss Bottled perfume over time have unanimously stated that the final stage brings a certain dryness to the forefront. In this context, the vanilla notes are dominated by the woody ones, which reveals a deep feeling of masculinity. A favorable moment for the inclusion of the Boss perfume in your personal routine is represented by the cold season, the autumn mornings being the time sequences that manage to deepen its mystery and sensuality. For hot weather, the aroma can be considered quite offensive, while the cold and bland seasons open its horizons, promoting it in the category of unisex perfumes. The modern packaging celebrates on the windows of specialty stores, being an elegant and refined presence.

Acqua di Parma Blu Mediterraneo

Summer Cologne For Men

Acqua Di Parma is an Italian brand with a very old tradition, dating back to 1916. The exclusive Acqua Di Parma perfumes evoke Italy and its famous style. Among the most popular products of this brand is Acqua di Parma Colonia, which, with its light and fresh scent, has seduced several generations of customers, including the biggest stars in Hollywood. Today, the Acqua di Parma brand maintains its know-how with luxury collections and timeless perfumes that have all the assets to become classics. Acqua Di Parma perfumes offer unique blends of essences and prestigious floral fragrances. Everything is bottled in a bottle of both sober and luxurious art and deco style.

The composition begins grandly with orange, Sicilian mandarins, bergmaota and lemon. The Mediterranean influences are noticeable from the first spray, and the invigorating opening creates a cool layer on the skin, so that you can wear the perfume on hot days. The heart of the perfume is represented by the spicy accents formed by cardamom and petit grain, an essential oil that is extracted from the branches and green leaves of the bitter orange tree. It is also known as petitgrain bigarade. Such a spicy scent helps the perfume to impose itself and turn the eyes of those around it on the people who wear it. The finish is sublime, the citrus and spicy notes being majestically accompanied by the classic musk and caramel jam. A surprising finish, but welcome for a unisex fragrance. Thus, we can conclude that all the notes in the composition complement each other perfectly to create a signature scent, easily recognizable and wearable.

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