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Best women’s Perfume 2020

A fragrance is a liquid mixture of aromatic oils or aromatic compounds, fixatives and solvents, used to give the human body, objects or living space a pleasant smell. The word perfume, used in our day, comes from Latin “per fumus” and means “by smoke”. Perfumery, or the art of perfume making, was born in ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt, and was further refined by the Romans and Persians.

Although perfumes and perfumers have existed in India, much of their flavor is based on the tamarisk. The first registered chemist was a woman named Tapputi, a perfume maker. She distilled flowers, oils, and lotions with other aromas, and then filtered them and put them back, repeating the procedure many times.

Choosing the perfect perfume is not an easy thing, needs vary according to individual, season, personality, etc. So we have the most detailed guide on everything you need to know about perfumes, analyzing the most important factors: concentration and composition, your skin type, possible allergic reactions, ingredients, essence, and last but not least the price.

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb
Best women's Perfume 2020

Starting from the avant-garde ideas of these two designers, the modern woman would have expected the Viktor & Rolf Flowebomb perfume to be an eccentric presence, but still we are talking about a broad appeal essence embedded in a bottle that has the form of a grenades. Following the same controversial patchouli, introduced for the first time in the spotlight Angel, Viktor & Rolf Flowebomb is a creamy, floral melange, supported on a warm vanilla background.
Finished by the great artists of this industry, such as Olivier Polge, Carlos Benaim and Domitille Bertier, Flowerbomb earns its carefully crafted composition, which rounds up and sweeps the patchouli-lighted notes. Waiting for the bearer to see how the floral amalgam of the Flowerbomb fragrance melts under a brilliant landscape. Representing the debut of the perfume world for the two designers of Dutch origin, Flowerbomb impresses with the fact that it evokes a burst of flowers, quenched with a warm veil of patchouli, musk and amber.

Bvlgari Pour Femme
Best women's Perfume 2020

This is a classic perfume that defines the refined character of Bvlgari creations, both in the perfume and jewelry divisions. “This contemporary perfume interprets the intentions of the finest and most precious jewelry in the world, translating everything into a floral, harmonious and delicate essence. “The official site description is consistent with the Bvlgari Pour Femme perfume message, launched for the first time in 1994.
Twelve years later, Bvlgari brand reconsidered the image of this emblematic fragrance, bringing to the essence market a modern image with a much wider design. Bvlgari Pour Femme is not only the female favorite but also a perfume that attracts and seduces men. Being the second perfume of the brand, the essence of Eau perfume is The Vert, Pour Femme was easily assimilated with the simple phrase “Bvlgari”. The original fragrance was developed by perfumers Nathalie Lorson and Sophia Grojsman. The opening is citrusy but quiet. Fruit jam consists of orange blossom, where we find slices of bergamot and violet leaf.
Considering the “green” chromatic registry from the incipient, no wonder the smell is bitter, citric. The heart is floral from top to bottom, starting with rose accords, ylang – ylang, orange blossom, mimosa, tuberose and reaching the pregnant iris, whose show extends to the base of the perfume. In the incipient stages, the perfume has a powdery consistency. Anyhow, if it’s more on the skin, the composition becomes a powdery one. The base is warm, consisting of a musked duo. Bvlgari Pour Femme is an old-fashioned fragrance rather than a young, sexy essence. Its compositi is surrounded by earthly, dark edges, which stimulates the power of seduction of each woman. It is sophisticated, romantic and feminine. Yet,  a little distant. Like Michael Kors Michael, the fragrance is made in a balanced and beautiful manner. The bottle containing Bvlgari Pour Femme is the bottle – the signature of the house, with a color scheme close to the yellow – white – orange shades. The golden plug is an artifice of effect, whose shadow extends to the neck of the bottle. The girl selected for the advertising campaign is the English model Kate Moss, presented in a black and white video clip. The role of this spot is to highlight the refined class of Bvlgari Pour Femme perfume.

Parfum Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium
Best women's Perfume 2020

In September of 2014, Yves Saint Laurent brand launched a new version of the classic YSL Opium perfume, inspired by the rock & roll world. Wishing to highlight the dark side of the modern woman, YSL opted for the perfume qualities Nathalie Larson and Marie Salamagne. Bearing in mind a complex, absolute composition, the brand appealed to two other experienced collaborators. Their name is and Olivier Cresp.
At an early stage, the Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium fragrance is a coffee act, the smell of freshly ground grains being present from the beginning to the end of its projection. Additionally, the bearer will be complemented by pink pepper, young orange flower, calm jasmine, alcoholic vanilla, earth patchouli and cedar. Specialists in the perfume industry note that YSL Black Opium can be compared to the already-established “noir” essentials, such as Chanel Coco Noir and Tom Ford Black Orchid. The Vibe of the Black Opium flavor is the same as that of the above-mentioned compositions, but less polished. Fruits are similar to those found in Coco Noir, but not as sweet, and the earth’s notes are mostly due to the patchouli agreement and not to the caramelized truffles of the Black Orchid.
A “floral coffee” as strong as the powder that Honore de Balzac inhale, grinding beans and then eating the resulting dust. According to history, one day he managed to bring in his body an equivalent quantity of 50 cups of coffee. Also to deal with depletion, Balenciaga is said to opt for an artifice when preparing its martini drink, adding dry ice shakers to the shaker.
Such an energized one aims to have the essence of YSL Black Opium, the difference being that it does not lose the adjuvant ingredients on the evolutionary path. Moreover, sometimes coffee seems to become the “second violin” of the essence. The show being entirely absorbed by a floral infusion, which invokes the fragrance of gardenia. Among the above-mentioned agreements, there is also a touch of jasmine, which seems to live in the perfume.

Hermes Jour d’Hermes Gardenia
Best women's Perfume 2020

Very few are women who do not appreciate the Hermes brand for the quality of their products, but they do it for the passion they give the details. Still, not everyone can afford to invest in a handbag from their exclusive collection. As for perfumes, the effect is still hypnotic, and the essence of Hermes Jour d’Hermes is no exception. It has managed to capture the interest of the modern woman since the first spray in the air.
By definition, the Jour d’Hermes fragrance is a green-floral smell introduced on the market by the end of 2012 and developed by the perfumery of the house: Jean Claude Ellena. The official description speaks of a luminous and sensual flower, in full blooming. One thing to note is that for this particular perfume, Hermes’s policy was not to easily reveal the details of the notes in its composition. The base is represented by a pale woody musk, finished in warm tones. Surprisingly, on earth and covered with green, the musk invokes the idea of ​​a fertile soil, on which all the flowers mentioned in the middle of the perfume develop, producing a syncretic, color and fragrance spectacle! Jean Claude Ellena’s latest work will only open your appetite for the classic fragrances that the perfumer has signed over time, to mention Eau de Pamplemousse Rose, Vanille Galante, Un Jardin Sur Le Toit.
Happy and uplifting, incipient grapefruit is fresh and juicy, not at all sour. Flowers, on the other hand, are not pure and strident, but bright. Their effervescent smell worsens on a woody, creamy basis, mixing the pure musk rays. Its spraying on the skin does not cause a dusty pretense, but the fragrance feels like a sweet breeze that floats around the bearer. The floral smell is made up of three stages, elegantly changing from orange to jasmine, to finally reach the unmistakable flavor of gardenia. Gardenia is beautiful, but passable. A real chick, stronger than we would have imagined at first. It takes about four, five hours, after which you can consider reapplying.

Versace Bright Crystal
Best women's Perfume 2020

The pink bottle of Bright Crystal fragrance still announces a softer and brighter composition than the Crystal Noir perfume. Nowadays the slightly fruity essences are perceived under a sweet-veiled egg that sometimes fades away from the complexity.
The Versace Bright Crystal fragrance is not a faint presence on the showcases of specialist stores. It is actually a delicious olfactory flavor to accompany the confident women in their own strengths. The top of the composition elucidates the reviving mystery of the pomegranate core, accompanied by Yuzu and the popular ice agreement. In the center of the composition there are two interesting flowers, namely magnolia and peony.

Guerlain Mon Guerlain
Best women's Perfume 2020

Mon Guerlain, the new fragrance of the Guerlain House, is a tribute to contemporary femininity – a femininity defined by force, freedom and sensuality. The inspirational source of the Mon Guerlain perfume is Angelina Jolie.
Mon Guerlain fragrance is classified as a fresh-Oriental, which improves raw materials of exceptional quality: Carla lavender from Provence, Sambac jasmine from India, white sandal from Australia and Tahitensis vanilla from Papua New Guinea. Mon Guerlain expressed the quintessence of a tale of experiences, successfully fed, expertise and generosity, then infused with the passion and dedication that surrounded the Guerlain brand since 1828.
Almost from the beginning, the lavender and vanilla duo is placed on a cosmetic powder bed, made up of fine iris notes and Tonka beans. Vanilla and sugar dust cloud captures the bearer’s senses, leading it to a floral heart of jasmine and almonds that dries to a wooden base. The result is not overwhelming, excessive or extravagant. It is actually a rich one.
The white monster, along with vanilla and Tonka beans, outlines the perception of the guerlinade accord, played by the couple Thierry Wasser and Sylvaine Delacourte. This agreement reaches its peak after about one hour of spraying. Keeping the gourmet elements in control, the vanilla mix, Tonka powder and sandalwood make the Mon Guerlain elixir a pretty sweet one, perceived as a refined dessert, crowned above with fresh bergamot, iris and lavender indices.
Mon Guerlain brings to the surface a perfect trend, based on the delicious vanilla blend, lavender syrup, jasmine infusion and iris, along with a tonka gourmet base. A beautiful and delicious gourmet, the scent is incredibly easy to wear and never overwhelming.
The glass has a strong historical significance, Mon Guerlain being the first main perfume to be housed in the iconic quadrilobe bottle of the Guerlain brand. Such a bottle has been associated with the pure perfumes of the house since its inception with the famous Jicky in 1908.
Mon Guerlain can be regarded as a tribute to classical perfumes from the Guerlain brand collection.

Amouage Lyric for Women
Best women's Perfume 2020

Amouage is an independent luxury brand that inspires the richness of Sultanate Oman and creates fragrances that are distinguished by a rich wealth of ingredients and unique inspiration from which these irresistibly appealing flavors are born. The Lyric for Women perfume, launched in 2008, is an expression of perfect beauty and an exemplary brand of Amouage. The scent of the new fragrance is deeply feminine, oriental floral, covered by a strongly spicy facet. This testifies to the beauty of this complex and sophisticated structure.
Lyric for Women is inspired by the beauty of music and continues the narrative of a song that tells the story of a perfect woman in her imperfection, talented and searching for perfection and immortality. This seductive elixir of the Amouage House illustrates femininity, strength and passion. Surprised by the endless beauty of roses, Amouage Lyric is a floral oriental fragrance that rises above time and plays a mythical melody. In the words of perfume makers, “In the tremendous beauty and purity of this spicy perfume persist a song without a beginning and endless.” Amouage Lyric for Women is a floral fragrance that induces a dark, deep and mysterious intensity while presenting rose notes in a unique composition. The perfume opens with refreshing notes of bergamot and ginger, which is in contrast to the warm and soft aromas of cardamom and delicate cinnamon. Turning like a spectrum in the background, in the heart of the perfume we find a bright red, fresh and airy rose, the shape of which becomes more and more prominent. This royal rose, the main actor in this highly fragrant scene, is surrounded by a line of ylang-ylang notes, seductive jasmine and iris roots. The angelica flower and voluptuous bell adds extra gentleness and sweetness to this composition.

Chanel Gabrielle
Best women's Perfume 2020

House Chanel surprise us again. The fragrance “Gabrielle Chanel”, dedicated to the founder of the renowned brand, is launched this fall. The name was chosen specifically to be a tribute to Coco Chanel. In fact, this perfume is totally feminine, courageous and daring. Gabrielle is a floral fragrance for women. The fragrance Oliver Polge has created an ideal smell, which represents the new image of the brand.
It is well known that in Chanel fragrances the flowers were present, but never in such a pure form. The basic notes are sandalwood, which combines its woody, oriental flavor, slightly spiced with musk.
Gabrielle is a blend between Coco Mademoiselle and No 5, with the fruity sweets of the first and the citrus spark of the latter. But things are more complex than that. Chanel is in itself a vast and elaborate territory.
This fragrance needed a packing to match. The square shape of the bottle evokes the exceptional image of the brand, which shows the color of the slightly orange content given by the citrus notes. Although it looks very much like the bottle of No 5, the Fashion House took a few years to realize it and thus to look perfect. Their work was not in vain, because it is the thinnest bottle of perfume so far, the base is elegant, sic and barely visible.

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle

Best women's Perfume 2020

The Chanel brand launched in 2001 the Coco Mademoiselle perfume, which would soon become one of the most appreciated flavors of all time. Most people passionate about this area of activity have often wondered what was the name of the fragrance behind this stunning creation. It’s the famous Jacques Polge, an important name who has made superhuman efforts to increase the qualitative threshold of Chanel products. Top notes emerge royality, freshness and coolness, through the aromas of orange, mandarin and bergamot.
The core of the perfume impresses the female audience with elegance and seduction, bringing mimosa, jasmine blossoms, Turkish rose and ylang-ylang flavor to the forefront. To the base of the perfume is highlighted the intense berries of Tonka, patchouli, opoponax, vanilla, vetiver and white musk. Coco Mademoiselle is in all respects a persistent signature of a modern and active woman.

Tom Ford Black Orchid

Best women's Perfume 2020

The signature of the Tom Ford brand is undoubtedly the Black Orchid scent, the essence created by Givaudan, which has managed to gain a personality and recognition thanks to the flavor launched in 2006. An oriental hardcore, Black Orchid gets to be positioned in the same quality as the rest of the perfumes promoted by the world’s largest fashion houses. Incoherent opulence and dark classicism are the two basic traits for a timeless, modern, seasoned flavor. Luxurious and sensual arrangements impress from the first spray giving a sophisticated rich black orchid, designed to last on your skin for an eternity.

Top notes are a string of French jasmine, black truffles, ylang-ylang, black currant and effervescent citrus. In the floral heart – spicy is the black orchid, the symbol of Tom Ford perfume, which is rather an illusion, an imaginary, fantastic olfactory stain.

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