Portrait of a Lady-Frederic Malle Review

Portrait of a Lady-Frederic Malle 2018 review

Intensity: opulent, with an average overlay
Long lasting: about 8-9 hours
Rating: 8/10

Portrait of a Lady is without doubt a qualitative perfume. Portrait of a Lady asks me for a very good olfactive, and I can not even wear it in winter, it simply sucks me. The world says the perfume was reformulated and the 2010 version was better. I smelled it in 2012 for the first time and it did not even attract me. I have forgotten to say that it is created by the house of Frederic Malle with Dominique Ropion.
It has top notes: cloves, cinnamon, rose, black currant, raspberry, middle notes: sandalwood, patchouly, incense and final notes: musk, amber, benzoic resin. The rose and patchouli pairing is such a good fit that it seems like proof of fate. It’s been the basis for a range of leathery, ambery, woody and mossy perfumes spanning woody-floral, chypre and oriental genres.

Portrait of a Lady is named after the novel by Henry James from 1881. The perfume deals with rose notes and spices in a new, modern way that varies between the oriental and chypre theme with patchouli, natural and intense, dominating the heart of the composition.

Portrait of a Lady is a modern, elegant and unusual expression of the Victorian novel, her heroine, Isabel Archer, her fate and the quest for freedom. She smells of dark roses, mystical and intense.

The bottle is not so spectacular, but be sure that the content is amazing, we are speaking, as we say above, about a very high ranged fragrance.

Portrait of a Lady is a spiced, yet cold rose perfume. Luminous, stoic, stones, elegant and restrained yet bold and expressive. Sensual without the need to be sweet; And wistful beauty. Albeit somewhat linear, this is an arresting, we can say, unisex olfactory portrait indeed. High quality, fantastic smell, long lasting.

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