Prada Cologne For Men

The Italian Fashion House “Prada” was founded in 1913 by Mario Prada. A family business that is currently run by his daughter, Miuccia Prada. In 1992, she debuted in the fashion world with the women’s fashion line “Miu Miu” and with the men’s line from 1993. Prada’s story began in 1913 when the brothers Mario and Martino Prada opened a leather goods shop. For years Mario stopped female members of the family from having anything with their business. Still, seeing that his son didn’t have any interest, his daughter Luisa Prada became the sole successor. In 1970, Luisa’s own daughter Miuccia Prada joined her, and together they built a multi-millionaire world-known luxury fashion brand.

Prada house shows always bring something new, unexpected and innovative. It reveals unique collections, composed of seemingly contradictory elements, to provoke reactions – intense, stormy, emotional and intellectual. Each Prada perfume reflects, in its own style, but with the same success, the unique approach of the brand.

A great idea, a special technique, or rare ingredients – every Prada perfume works with all these elements, but their creators continue to transform them. It separates them into separate components, and connects them with something completely unexpected. When he reassembles them, a mysterious, almost mystical phenomenon suddenly occurs. The old well-known perfumes are rediscovered and transformed into something new and incredible.

Prada men’s cologne:

Parfum Prada L’Homme Intense

Prada Cologne For Men

Prada L’Homme Intense is crossed by numerous accents that seem to catch fire when they gather their powers in a spray.Predictably, the amber note is definitely the star of this incandescent show of flavors, strongly accentuated and moderated by the other notes (especially patchouli). Overall, this fragrance is sweet, spicy and floral. The tender amber wines are accompanied by Tonka beans, revealing the imposing character of the perfume. A leather note follows the composition and attributes masculinity and decency to the perfume. Prada L’Homme Intense is dedicated to the cold season, the temperatures activating the avalanche of spicy notes that make it up. Almost metallic at first, with hints of leather, patchouli and Tonka, the perfume is confessed by a rich, mystical and lush aroma. It feels very modern, urban, proving an amazing persistence.The design is epic, imposing, presented by an obscure chromatic accessorized with metallic details. The sides of the glass seem textured, proving the projection of a modern and carefully stipulated packaging, as always, by Casa Prada. Amber is the note that acts as a link between Prada L’Homme Intense and the previous copy. In the original, the amber feels fresher, colder and sweeter, while L’Homme Intense has a serious, almost feminine amber powder. The projection of the perfume is very good, being necessary a single spray to dress the appearance in a visceral intensity. It has a “je ne sais quoi” that makes it shine, despite its obscure character; some would say tonka, others patchouli. However, it is infinitely more attractive than other Prada perfumes.

Luna Rossa Sport Eau De Toilette

Prada Cologne For Men

It is a strong essence, dedicated to men able to have control in any situation, energetic and full of life. Attractive and prominent, Luna Rossa Sport is a perfect example of Prada, vibrant, fragrant and sensual that can be included among the irresistible essences in the range of perfumes for him. Prada Luna Rossa Sport is an emblematic creation of Luna Rossa energy and spirit. Although the name might suggest it, Luna Rossa Sport is not a sporty scent in the ordinary sense of the word. The perfume can be worn in any circumstance. The explosive mixture of ginger and juniper berries pours richly over the notes of delicious tonka bean and vanilla. Vibrant lavender energizes the strong heart of the essence to discover an aromatic and oriental scent that retains its scent for a long time. The perfume opens with a ginger mixed with juniper berry aromas. The beginning is sweet, clean, delicious and invites you to stay in the fragrant race. The heart of the perfume is enriched with lavender, while the base is heated with vanilla and tonka. The design of the new Prada perfume resembles the other Luna Rossa editions, being contained in the same rectangular and masculine bottle. This time, however, Luna Rossa Sport is captive in an attractive red bottle, combined with a very smooth metal piece. The combination of sporty style and superior navigation technique bring an extra masculinity to the new Prada face. The irresistible combination of shades, the clever use of the texture and the bold contrast of bright red and the metallic silver accents make Luna Rossa Sport a deeply masculine, modern, attractive and different example. The nose behind the essence is Daniela (Roche) Andrier, responsible for many Prada editions. The freshness conferred by the penetrating scent offers an invigorating, fresh experience, specific to a special scent that reveals the strong character of the perfume and communicates to the wearer the freshness and vivacity of the modern, rich and complex mixture, celebrating masculinity.

Prada Amber Pour Homme

Prada Cologne For Men

Prada Amber Pour Homme (Prada Man) by Prada is an Oriental Fougere fragrance for men. Prada Amber Pour Homme (Prada Man) was launched in 2006. The nose behind this fragrance is Daniela (Roche) Andrier. Top notes are Neroli, cardamom, bergamot and mandarin. Middle notes are myrrh, musk, orange blossom, geranium and Vetiver. Base notes are saffron, vanilla, labdanum, leather, Tonka bean, sandalwood and patchouli. In the beginning part, the citrus fruits are noticeable, in an extremely strong form, and the stabilization phase is enveloped in the consistency of the skin, which is presented in a very soft manner. Chilhimbar is just as subtle and gentle and has earthy hints of vetiver and pale woody accords. It is sweeter than the female version, but cannot be included in the category of sweet essences. The four chords are linked by soft but persistent subtleties, which acquire a creamy, soapy consistency, reminiscent of an elegant and sophisticated structure, which is presented in a fairly quiet manner. The specimen is promoted as a sensual one, which stands out for its sobriety and which is quiet rather than sexy. The mixture is reminiscent of the pure smell of Irish spring, full of aromatic components, of superior quality, mixed with ingredients of absolute complexity, which generates a clean and very green atmosphere. It represents a modernized approach of a classic perfume, which can be worn in an atmosphere reminiscent of the freshness of a warm spring. As a result of the originality and precision of a legendary perfumer, the specimen begins with an enchanting combination of citrus, spiced with bergamot and tangerine scent. As the aroma progresses, the chords move to the middle development phase, where the myrrh aroma fights for prominence, being juxtaposed with interesting notes of geranium, vetiver, orange blossom and musk. The final phase of this aroma belongs to the sensual leather aromas, which surround all the other chords of drydown: labdanum, sandalwood, tonka bean, vanilla, saffron and patchouli. Only the best ingredients were used to make this creation. The Italian fashion designer, who is behind this brand, was actively involved in the design process of this creation, which he turned into an exclusive air. It has a container made in a very elegant shape, made of transparent glass, which has a rather interesting touch and is embellished with a metal plate on which is engraved the list of ingredients.

Prada L’Homme

Prada Cologne For Men

House Prada amazes in mid-2016 with the launch of two flavors that become emblematic of this brand recognized for the preciousness of the flavors that can be easily distinguished from the other flavors on the fragrant scene. La Femme Prada and L’Homme Prada represent the new “pair of equals” representing the man and the woman who unite in a vision almost seen in the mirror. She could be him and he could be her, both being unique in the absolute that defines them. Both identify with multiple identities and have an ambiguous relationship. They could be lovers, friends or even strangers, but one thing is clear, everyone is perfect and inimitable. Prada L’Homme is a woody cypress fragrance for strong men around the world. This modern flavor is born from a specific Prada combination, using the most famous ingredients of the brand. The fragrant mix is ​​the signature of a provocative and seductive man. The character of the perfume is reserved, but at the same time opulent, airy and fresh. The instinctual, artistic, unimaginative and human approach that the Prada house attributes to its perfumes is very visible in this olfactory map of the Prada L’Homme perfume that takes its wearer on a journey through the most beloved places, memories and times, where the most intense sensory experiences meet. The masculine design relies on simplicity and elegance. The transparent bottle expresses wealth and refinement and resembles a precious piece of jewelry. Daniela (Roche) Andrier is responsible for this emblematic creation of Prada. The scent intrigues you, but you can’t seem to realize what’s so captivating. We can say that Prada L’Homme has that je ne sais quoi that takes you on an olfactory journey from which you do not want to return. L’Homme is unconventional and feels like an integral part of Prada’s vision, being a signature of luxury and opulence. The perfume, a symbol of contrasts, is addressed to a modern man in a continuous movement, always directed towards the new and the beautiful. The perfect synchrony between the precious aromas make this mixture an ideal for any man who knows how to stand out. Prada L’Homme is a perfume of opposites, of juxtapositions, a true symbol of the Italian brand.

Prada Luna Rossa Sport Eau De Toilette

Prada Cologne For Men

Luna Rossa Sport is a spicy aromatic perfume launched in 2015. Developed on the target of dynamic, sporty and energetic excellence, Luna Rossa is a perfume named after the sailboat and the sailing team “Red Moon” or Luna Rossa that participates in Cup competitions Americana. It is inspired by the world of sailing and denotes a passion for victory and prestige. The use of contrasts with red makes Prada Rossa Sport glass more prominent, more attractive and more modern than previous Luna Rossa perfumes. Sport is a new area of Prada DNA that combines unexpected ingredients to express the free spirit of boat racing. The explosive fruits of ginger and juniper collapse through lavender and energize the strong and intense heart to reveal an elegant and seductive scent that unfolds over time. Notes: Lavender, Juniper, Ginger, Iris, Amber, Tonka Bean, Vanilla and Musk. Prada Luna Rossa Sport is one of the most powerful masculine essences. The mixture of juniper, lavender and Tonka Bean, wrapped in creamy vanilla give rise to a modern mix, slightly sweet and very attractive. It sits lightly on the skin and keeps for a long time. With the new Prada Luna Rossa Sport you feel special and different.

Luna Rossa Black Eau De Parfum

Prada Cologne For Men

Prada Luna Rossa Black perfume is a forerunner derivative that is part of the Luna Rossa range. Like all things, Prada, Luna Rossa has an exceptional quality, representing a luxury sports perfume. The collection now includes a wide range of Luna Rossa scents (Carbon and Sport), each with a different interpretation of the competitive spirit, but also remains faithful to the adventurous spirit of Luna Rossa. Luna Rossa Black is the latest addition to the collection, and is dominated by a scent that Prada calls “seductive”. Luna Rossa is an elegant yacht, on which a rich billionaire has many parties. He is the type who owns Prada in all colors, especially leather products. He is soft, sophisticated and elegant, with a warm and welcoming smile. Luna Rossa Black is the richest gourmet in the Luna Rossa area, bringing something, rather, new and intriguing. From the first sprays, the wearer is hit by citrus and spices, especially bergamot and aglica. Before we say that aglica is a spice, we all know that it is, in fact, a flower, however, it has a fresh, peppery vibration, which feels very spicy, making it intriguing. The opening is dynamically fresh, hiding the warmth above and the sweetness below. The heart of the perfume tempers the sweetness of Prada Luna Rossa Black. The “black” look comes from patchouli, which brings a shady edge to men’s fragrance. Musk raises the composition, making it a smooth and spacious scent, while amber intensifies the luxury with a soft, mineral facet. The hardness of the base is oriental, gourmand and slightly decadent. After the fresh, spicy opening, you can feel a warm amber accord, which puts a special emphasis on coumarin. Now, coumarin is a compound found in tonka beans that have a very distinct odor – it shares a vanilla-like odor, but it also has an almond-like character. In Luna Rossa Black, coumarin adds a warm, marzipan veneer. Everything comes together at last like a warm and contrasting perfume, which has the depth and darkness appropriate to its name.

Prada Amber Pour Homme Intense

Prada Cologne For Men

Prada Amber Pour Homme has found its logical continuation in the new more restrained, oriental, fern scent with classic shades Prada Amber Pour Homme Intense. It has already managed to be loved by true connoisseurs of quality perfumes. This updated version of the slightly powdered perfume has become a real embodiment of sensuality, refinement, delicacy and an excellent sense of style. The composition of this perfume is not so saturated, but, nevertheless, polyvalent and persistent. A look, which helps to create and maintain the aroma, is suitable in any life situation, because the masculine attractiveness begins with a sense of style and taste, which is favorably emphasized by this composition. The composition opens with invigorating spills of bergamot, which through its citrus accords seem to energize and tone, awakening sensations and thoughts. The “heart” of the perfume is dedicated to myrrh, sweet-balsamic, warm and smoky-tart, which creates an atmosphere of mystery and intrigue. Finally, you will feel the sweet, balsamic amber notes in combination with comfortable vanilla and exotic, resinous patchouli.

Prada Luna Rossa CARBON for Men Eau de Toilette

Prada Cologne For Men

Inspired by a striking encounter of nature with technology, Luna Rossa Carbon is a unique example that captures the collision of natural and synthetic materials to represent the olfactory idea of ​​carbon. The perfume is a seductive elixir, masculine and unique, which brings a witness to the tradition, quality and success of the Prada house, famous for its influential perfumes that transmit complex emotions. Launched in 2017, Prada Luna Rossa Carbon meets the needs of men who want a modern and non-conformist aroma with which to stand out. The inimitable Prada style is found in the composition of this emblematic conqueror who brings a fougere aromatic mixture that establishes a triumphant atmosphere and an authoritarian and inspirational mood. Luna Rossa Carbon is innovative and presents a set of intriguing contradictions that make it extremely attractive and resilient. A standard of deep masculinity, this perfume deserves its place in the top of the preferences of men around the world.

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