Storing Perfumes

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If you want to keep the aroma of a perfume intact, you have to follow some very simple rules. The first and biggest mistake is the room where you keep your favorite flavors. Most of the time, the bathroom is the most comfortable room. well, no, because of the lack of space or convenience, it seems that most of us keep the perfume bottles exactly where they are not. Why do they say that? Because the bath has fluctuations in temperature and humidity that damage the fragrance essence in time.

Bottles should be stored in a dry place, away from light and heat. Keep the bottle tightly closed to avoid evaporation of the perfume. For example, bottles without vaporizer, so-called splash bottles, in contact with the air, cause it to diminish by evaporation, which changes the composition of the respective essence. I created a small space for perfumes and light-free in the dressing room. You can also keep them in a drawer! It’s much better than in the bathroom or who knows what a window.

Some flavors lose their gradual odor, their intensity is more discreet, others change color or smell altogether. These must be discarded! The shelf life is usually somewhere between three and five years from the date of production. However, perfumes formulated with expensive, high quality ingredients can be kept intact for longer. A perfume is packed in darker containers, which are protected by the color of the bottle. If you care too much about a perfume, you can keep it in the refrigerator, but be careful not to fall prey to this trap and wake up like me, that you have more cosmetics in the refrigerator than would be the case! And if you use your refrigerator, do not place any perfume near food that can absorb odor, like meat or butter.

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