Types Of Perfumes And Skin Types

Skin and perfume are, if you want, interconnected. Sure, if you are passionate about perfumes, you have to inform yourself about this. Let’s see … there are four types of skin: fat, dry, mixed and sensitive.
Because of the secretion of sebum (which is different for each type of skin), diet and lifestyle, perfumes are set differently from person to person. The scent also takes into account the pH of the person, of course.

Sensitive skin
Most attention requires care for sensitive skin. You should be careful in this case. Sensitive skin is very easily exposed to irritation and has a reddish appearance. It can develop allergic reactions to makeup and cosmetics. It is not recommended to use aggressive fragrances and you should use them extremely delicately and in small quantities.

Dry skin
It is the result of insufficient secretion of sebum, resulting in loss of elasticity and an excessive sensitivity to sunlight, wind or low temperatures. Avoid alcohol-rich dyes that have a dehydration effect on your skin. Oriental or resinous perfumes are recommended. These fragrances are rich in oils and have a viscous appearance that does not dry the skin after the alcohol vapor evaporates. Thanks to the aromatic oils of the composition, Oriental flavors feel more intense on a dry skin, adhering to the skin more effectively than a floral or fresh fragrance.

Oily skin
It is characterized by a glossy look and open pores with a large number of black or fat points. Oily skin occurs most of the time as a result of insufficient cleaning, so it is advisable to wash it with lukewarm water several times a day with soap with a low fat content. We recommend herbal or citrus perfumes that have a tonic effect on the skin, leaving behind the pleasant fragrances of a gingerbread fragrance that persists and does not make it harder.

Mixed skin
Fat appears generally in people who have normal skin in the cheek area and fat in the so-called T-area (forehead, nose and chin).
To the dry is marked by the presence of fatty skin in the area of forehead, nose, chin and dry skin in the cheek area. It is advisable to use creams and lotions appropriate to each area.
Women’s and men’s floral fragrances are recommended because of the balanced content of aromatic compounds and solvents.

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