Vanilla Colognes for Men

Vanilla is a popular note used in the perfume industry for men. Frankly, I love the way it can add a sweet smoothness when used correctly in scents. Vanilla can be a very seasonal type of note when it is predominately featured in a fragrance and I think it is the best to wear it during the cooler months of the year. Indeed, this scent is absolutely amazing in winter and in the fall or spring when temperatures are pretty low. For the summer I do not recommend so much.

It’s hardly a surprise that vanilla has begun to dominate the male fragrance scene. The best vanilla fragrances for men we have reviewed ass use this crowd-pleasing ingredient to tremendous effect. According to some perfume experts, the crowd-pleasing effect of vanilla has been linked with memory and aroma. Scents which evoke memories of childhood are incredibly popular for both men and women, perhaps as a result of the influence of nostalgia. Vanilla appeals to this sense of nostalgia by invoking sweet and indulgent foods like ice-cream and decadent desserts. The modernization of gender views in perfumery is also a factor. There is less pressure for men to stay away from classically ‘feminine’ notes like vanilla and rose these days. The composition of the perfume opens with fresh accents of bergamot, lavender, fresh and juicy aromas of mint, lemon and pear, which create an intense aroma that will not go unnoticed. In the heart of eau de toilette, Ultra Male, a wild and seductive mixture of sage, cumin and cinnamon pepper dominates, a mixture that highlights the masculinity and elegance of the wearer. Gray amber, white cedar, patchouli and vanilla, form the basis of the Ultra Male perfume, thus being a symbol of seduction and refinement. Intense, and full of stimulating aromas for the olfactory sense, Ultra Male Eau de toilette, is the perfect perfume for the man who wants to seduce with elegance, masculinity, but also with delicacy. Jean Paul Gaultier Ultra Male Intense Eau de toilette is intended for attractive, charismatic and brave men. The composition opens with intense accords of bergamot, lavender, mint, citrus and pear. In the heart notes, sublime motifs of sage, cinnamon and cumin seeds pulsate, and the aromatic base fascinates the receivers with delicate shades of gray, amber, white cedar, patchouli and vanilla, which gives the composition an invigorating accent. Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male has an intense and masculine aroma, suitable for a true gentleman.

This is a list with, in my opinion the best possible vanilla colognes for men:

Jean Paul Gaultier Ultra Male Eau De Toilette

Vanilla Colognes for Men

Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male Ultra perfume tells the story of an irresistible sailor, this time dressed in a dark blue uniform with black stripes. This is the bottle design of this sweet and aromatic perfume, presented in a metal package that tells the story further. Ultra Male by Jean Paul Gaultier is truly amazing, a very good option for sure. A warm and spicy aroma highlighted with vanilla and pear notes, which gives it a sweet and candy-like edge. Ultra Male it is a vanilla cologne for men, which gives you a fabulous scent. It should be used pretty much all winter. The mint and cinnamon combination adds a very nice spice to the ever sweet arrangement. This JPG scent delivers very good sillage and that is to sue a great deal for any man. Ultra Male is great, and represent an inspired option for a vanilla scented cologne for men. Jean Paul Gaultier Ultra Male Eau de Toilette is designed for the independent, modern and seductive man. Ultra Male is a fresh fragrance and at the same time comes with an intense aroma. Ultra Male by Jean Paul Gaultier is an oriental men’s perfume. The perfume was launched in 2015, and the creator is Francis Kurkdjian. Ultra Male Eau de toilette is a reinterpretation of the popular Le Male from 1995 which was a real success. Constant, intense, seductive and at the same time delicate notes, the Ultra Male perfume envelops you into the sea and easily, easily you get lost in it, it is a spicier version of the original.

Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb Extreme

Vanilla Colognes for Men

Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb Extreme is another fantastic fragrance with a sweet and spicy mix. The scent is a great, spicy scent with a nice and sweet undertone. The scent starts off with a spicy scent, which quickly gets accompanied by a sweet vanilla scent. Yes, we say vanilla, so Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb Extreme is a great vanilla scented cologne for men. The notes of Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb Extreme are lavender, cumin, vanilla, and tobacco. As you probably expect, this fragrance works great during the winter or fall. True, but you can definitely pull this off during the spring as well. You can even wear this fragrance during the summer nights. The sweet, attractive scent will work for you on many occasions. You can wear it casually, but you can also wear it formally, or even to a date which is amazing making this vanilla scent fragrance a versatile one.

Tom Ford Vanille Fatale

Vanilla Colognes for Men

Tom Ford Vanilla Fatale is a fragrance with a smoky vanilla scent. Tom Ford Vanille Fatale takes on a more gourmand type fragrance. There is a sweet, vanilla scent, but also a slight coffee vibe in here. Overall, this is an amazing scent for a vanilla scented cologne for men. There are perfumes which have an almost supernatural evocative power, which tell us stories, immerse us in visions, make us travel in time and space. Tobacco Vanille is one of them.
It seems to me that Tobacco Vanille could be the perfume of this “bizarre deity, dark as nights, / With a scent mixed with musk and havana” that Baudelaire describes in Sed Non Satiata.
Odalisque from the boudoir, its cocoa skin gives off a suave odor, rubbed with vanilla pods coming like it from distant countries. His breath of kisses is loaded with honey and candied fruit. At the bottom of a bowl are still some raisins soaked in alcohol.

Bvlgari Black

Vanilla Colognes for Men

Bvlgari Black is a unisex fragrance with a great scent. The scent you’re getting is a mixture of sweet vanilla, leather, musk, and an almost rubbery scent. A magic scent with a fantastic touch of vanilla makes him a fantastic addition, if you want a great vanilla cologne for men. Although it would be an edgy perfume on a woman, Black is spectacular on a man. And, according to the principles of the Bvlgari house, there are no gender limits when we talk about beauty. To outline its complete distribution, we mention the list of ingredients: black tea, rosewood, bergamot, cedar, lichen, vanilla, amber, sandalwood and musk.

Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille

Vanilla Colognes for Men

Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille is a fantastic vanilla fragrance. Yes, the right word is fantastic because it is truly magic. Although the name suggests a tobacco scent as well, you mostly get a deep, rich vanilla scent. The tobacco in this fragrance is more or less boosting this incredible sweet scent. Besides the sweet vanilla scent, you will also detect a hint of fruity notes every now and then. The duet of top notes that opens the essence is strong, masculine, but also mystical, offering a sensual explosion for the olfactory senses. This duet is given by tobacco leaves and lots of oriental spices. Tobacco leaves offer masculinity and emphasize the first name of the perfume from the beginning, and the spices are feminine, spicy and exciting, offering an enigmatic wave over the smell of dark tobacco leaves. These spicy tobacco leaves teleport the wearer to an enigmatic oriental atmosphere, suitable for both men and women. Middle notes are an erotic game between masculine and feminine notes. Thus, the bittersweet smell of Tonka beans is highlighted by the dry smell of leather offered by tobacco flowers. All this bitter essence is beautified by the appearance of the aphrodisiac scent of vanilla powdered with cocoa. These strong contrasts are highlighted in the middle notes do nothing but outline the idea of ​​unisex perfume. The base notes are a real feast for the olfactory senses, because the sweet and fragrant smell of candied fruit appears with a special warmth, but this does not last long because a hard and dry wood essence begins to take into account. Probably the best option for a vanilla cologne for men.

Versace Eros by Versace Eau De Toilette

Vanilla Colognes for Men

Created by perfumer Aurelien Guichard de Givadan, Eros is a fresh, woody statement, touched by an oriental shawl. Its lively composition highlights some of the most select ingredients, such as pure peppermint oil, green apple in its prime, but also lemon with Italian origins. For extra warmth and physical closeness, Eros adds to the list of his olfactory symphony two flowers from the distant South American country Venezuela, respectively ambroxan and geranium.
Eros Versace opens with an explosion of lemon, mint and apple. Each top note seems to want to dominate the others, resulting in a strong but sweet scent. There is an herbal element hidden in the background, which manages to cut the astringent quality of citrus. Versace managed to create a perfect example of “transparent” perfumery with the note of green apples.
Madagascar vanilla, then captures the essence, in a powerful way. Mixed with citrus, it feels very sweet, but not very creamy, the overall texture being quite powdery. Eventually, a touch of ozone freshness begins to make its presence felt. Once the smell starts to fade, you can smell the geranium better.
The perfume reminds, through the mixture between the top, middle and base notes, of the structure of a waterfall whose freshness and strong sound remain imprinted in your mind for a long time. Eros Versace has an intense longevity, flowing harmoniously from the freshness of green apples and lemons in the sweet but intense character of vanilla.
Deeply linked to Greek mythology, Versace’s Eros perfume emphasizes masculinity and virility in its purest form. Its purpose is to convey the passion, strength and individualism that resides in every representative of the male audience. I said that Eros is inspired by the ancient times of the Greek lands because it borrows the name of the Greek god of love, the son of Aphrodite. Yes, the Eros perfume from Versace embodies an emblematic aroma for this fashion house. This bottle bringing back to the forefront the immortal symbol of the goddess Medusa – a symbol that the creator Gianni Versace associated with his brand. Representative for the men’s perfume section, Eros was born from the desire to complete the modern man, becoming his most valuable accessory. As stated by Donatella Versace, Eros can be considered the “DNA” of the brand, the genetic code that illustrates the quality and exclusivity of this fashion house.

Christian Dior Sauvage

Vanilla Colognes for Men

Christian Dior Sauvage Parfum is a special edition of the Christian Dior House, a variant that accentuates the masculinity of the modern man through a casual projection, but also elegant, deep, but also light. The flanker starts in flower and citrus steps, respectively bergamot and mandarin. The heart is built exclusively on a sandalwood base, and the flanker’s foundation revolves around tonka, olibanum and creamy vanilla accords. Dior Sauvage Parfum shares the same tonka note with Carolina Herrera Bad Boy, another flanker launched in 2019, from where we can conclude that the current editions are designed with a casual and masculine character.
The flanker becomes the perfume – the signature of men with a dynamic life, eager for a lighter style that still highlights them. The hypothesis is supported by the olfactory composition of the Dior Sauvage perfume, an intriguing one that begins slowly, continues linearly, but ends acutely. The bergamot opening contrasts with the Tonka beans at the base of the perfume, but is still optimally orchestrated with the creamy vanilla ribbon that surrounds the base of the projection. In fact, Sauvage crosses a series of olfactory planes on its way to pH, respectively floral, citrus, woody and gourmand. The scent is light, easy to adapt to everyday outfits, but also one that emphasizes and completes the elegant style of the modern man.
The iconic Dior imprint is attached to the 2019 Sauvage edition with fragrant notes that complete a double role. On the one hand, it eliminates an intense and penetrating perfume, but on the other hand it softens and hydrates the projection through fine oils and the impression of creaminess. The most eloquent example is the vanilla accord, which dresses the perfume in a gourmet creaminess, complementing the fougere facet generated by the fresh combination of tangerine with bergamot and elemi accords. Sandalwood also contributes by its penetrating essence to the depth of the smell, while emphasizing its masculine character, introduced by the suggestive name.
Christian Dior Sauvage Parfum is one of the creations of Francois Demachy, an iconic creator in the industry and a faithful collaborator of Dior. His vision is materialized in a perfume completely unique to him; it resembles in elegance the Christian Dior Eau Sauvage flanker, but it is diametrically opposed to the Christian Dior Homme Intense, an iconic perfume, but a little more mature and serious, with a character followed by a penetrating intensity.
Dior Sauvage Perfume is often compared to Chanel Bleu by Chanel, a flanker but not as deep as the 2019 edition of Sauvage. It is almost aquatic, mysterious and unpredictable, thanks to the combination of olfactory plans from beginning to end. An excellent perfume and really very versatile. Fresh, spicy, aromatic, citrus, ideal for every season. It is a very easy to understand flanker, difficult to dislike and a statement for Dior House. The architecture of the perfume is not as original, but it offers through a practical container, beautifully outlined in a wild chromatic.

Acqua Di Parma Eau de Toilette Spray, Blue Mediterraneo Mandorlo Di Sicilia

Vanilla Colognes for Men

This scent is amazing. A signature, unique and mysterious fragrance for anyone who is looking to stand out of the crowd. Acqua Di Parma Blu Mediterraneo Mandorlo Di Sicilia is a unisex oriental floral fragrance, launched in 1999. The eau de toilette is inspired by the ancient ruins, cathedrals and stunning panoramas of sunny Sicily. The composition opens with attractive shades of bergamot, orange blossom, almonds, frangipani and anise. The heart note delights with juicy and ripe peach accords, delicate jasmine and the pungent smell of coffee. The base of the Eau de toilette envelops in a cocktail notes of bourbon vanilla, cedar, sandalwood and musk, which exudes freshness and invigoration. The perfume Acqua Di Parma Blu Mediterraneo Mandorlo Di Sicilia helps you to soak in fabulous Italy and enjoy unique sensations.

Paco Rabanne Pure Xs For Men Eau De Toilette

Vanilla Colognes for Men

The Paco Rabanne Pure XS perfume opens in strong notes of ginger meant to offer a lemony, effervescent and slightly pungent essence. It is the strong note over which are sprinkled green notes that emanate freshness, strength and youth. In order to spice up the whole essence, thyme appears with its strong and wild smell, meant to outline masculinity and power. The two merging citrus fruits, bergamot and grapefruit emit a strong, exotic and fresh scent offering warmth and invigoration. This mix that creates the top notes is meant to make a description of the young wearer, energetically jovial, with a great zest for life.

The middle notes are those that incorporate the theme of perfume, namely eroticism. This transition is made in a smooth way with the help of green apple meant to be a bridge between the top notes, by its fresh smell and the middle notes by its juiciness and fleshiness, combined with the gourmet smell offered by the mixture of two spices and namely vanilla and cinnamon.

These spices create an appetizing setting, where the carnal lust begins, being considered true aphrodisiacs. With such a setting, the man’s savagery is highlighted by the strong and imposing smell of leather fused with the flavor and royalty of liqueur. In these middle notes lies the heart of the perfume, characterizing the wild, strong man, meant to emanate desire and eroticism, conquering women with an incomparable charm, which makes him a true gentleman.

The base notes come as a conviction of the masculinity and gentlemanly character of the wearer. Thus, the woody notes are the predominant ones. The cedar wood intertwined with the woody notes come to prove the noble, strong and imposing side of the man. Cashmere is a complex note that through its accords offers a woody, light smell of vanilla musk to better outline the theme of the perfume. The mentholated, green and strong notes of patchouli intertwine with those of sugar, creating a warm and fresh harmony.

Paco Rabanne perfumes carry the message of luxury and extravagance. The exceptional quality of the aromas, the originality of the compositions and the beauty of the precious ingredients, make each creation a signature of luxury and refinement. Paco Rabanne perfumes soon created a rumor among perfume lovers who want to stand out with a special and graceful aroma. Paco Rabanne Pure XS is an important example of the international brand and comes to complete the XS collection with a new blend, which announces the return of eroticism and absolute pleasure. The new open chapter of the fragrance of the perfume launched in 2017 is full of feeling and enthusiasm. Vibrant and oriental, the Pure XS is a fresher and improved version of the original XS, first launched in 1993. The challenge started from conveying a feeling of skin trembling with desire and burning with pleasure. Pure XS is a spicy aromatic perfume dedicated to a masculine man, imposing and irresistibly attractive. Elegant and bold, the perfume is the olfactory signature of the modern man who appreciates luxury and quality. The quintessence of prestige and sophistication in a generous and strong perfume water. Appeared in 2011 and created by Francois Demachy, Dior Homme Intense is a woody-floral perfume. The intense iris, enhanced with a facet of sensual amber and precious wood essences, spreads its strong charm. A sensual interpretation with a strong trace, like an invitation. It quickly became a legend, being an imposing perfume full of insinuations. Christian Dior is a French designer, “the most recognized name in fashion”. The brand also expanded to the production of perfumes, the pim that appeared being “Miss Dior”, in 1947, a name inspired by the designer’s sister. Christian Dior creations, as well as Dior perfumes, have stood out successfully, becoming a remarkable brand that has gained fame and glory around the world. What is unique about Dior perfumes is the richness of the essences made to allow you to enjoy life and its beauty. The house “Christian Dior” collaborates with LVMH and also with many well-known perfumers, such as Edmond Roudnitska, Beatrice Piquet, Guy Robert, Paul Vacher, Pierre Bourdon. This perfume is one that keeps a woody floral path, just as parfum-christian-dior-homme-intensifies the previous perfumes created by this fashion house. But unlike previous perfumes, Christian Dior Homme Intense perfume water is the one that has been greatly enriched with notes that offer a longer density and persistence. About this perfume we can add that it is created by Francois Demachy, being a sophisticated perfume, dedicated to elegant men who always live life at a maximum intensity. In these conditions, if you are part of these people, it is advisable to consider purchasing a perfume of this type. It is composed of floral notes, in which the iris flower is predominant. On the other hand, this product is sweetened with vanilla accords, which continue with woody notes of crepe and vetiver. Also in this perfume you can distinguish amber notes with an emphasis on the composition of this element. Due to these characteristics, a perfume of this type can make you fall in love with it immediately. Regarding the Christian Dior Homme Intense perfume water, we can also add that it represents a dizzying woody floral perfume that can be transformed at any time into the main option for men looking for a perfume. This perfume is a very intense and refined one that can always awaken sensuality and especially the art of seduction. Under these conditions, no woman will resist the sensuality offered by a man who opts for a perfume like this. The composition of the perfume is the one that combines notes of honey, flowers, rare wood, which is always hidden in a luxury design offered by this fashion house. Pure XS is a perfume that envelops you in an aroma full of freshness, but also warm, suitable for any time of the day. The perfume brings back to the wearers’ attention the sensuality and the power of the attraction. With an enviable magnetism, Pure XS captivates your senses and takes you to the high peaks of pleasure, giving you the most intense sensations. The absolutely delicious composition makes this oriental aroma, fresh and fiery, a specimen that represents a perfect expression of masculine beauty and sensuality.

Christian Dior Dior Homme Intense Eau de Parfum

Vanilla Colognes for Men

The quintessence of prestige and sophistication in a generous and strong perfume water. Appeared in 2011 and created by Francois Demachy, Dior Homme Intense is a woody-floral perfume. The intense iris, enhanced with a facet of sensual amber and precious wood essences, spread its strong charm. A sensual interpretation with a strong trace, like an invitation.

It quickly became a legend, being an imposing perfume full of insinuations. Christian Dior is a French designer, “the most recognized name in fashion”. The brand also expanded to the production of perfumes, the poem that appeared to be “Miss Dior”, in 1947, a name inspired by the designer’s sister. Christian Dior creations, as well as Dior perfumes, have stood out successfully, becoming a remarkable brand that has gained fame and glory around the world. What is unique about Dior perfumes is the richness of the essences made to allow you to enjoy life and its beauty.

The house “Christian Dior” collaborates with LVMH and also with many well-known perfumers, such as Edmond Roudnitska, Beatrice Piquet, Guy Robert, Paul Vacher, Pierre Bourdon. The Christian Dior Homme Intense perfume has as top notes lavender. The experience of wearing this perfume water opens with lavender, an intensely colored flowers with a specific scent, which, if worn by a man accentuates its seductive power. Towards the center, the iris flower appears, thus discovering a purple floral bouquet, which will attract the fairer sex.

Along with the iris, amber and pear appear. The juicy fruit has the ability to make the smell permeate the skin for a long time, and towards the end, the notes of Vetiver and cedar appear. The woody notes are specific to men’s perfumes, and Christian Dior knows very well that men prefer raw, natural and strong notes, as well as their personality. Like its predecessor, the Christian Dior Homme perfume, the Christian Dior Homme Intense perfume keeps the classic bottle, with straight lines, robust, but also elegant.

The transparency of the bottle together with the amber-colored elixir attracts the eye and demonstrates the intensity of the aromas in the composition. This time, the lid is dark. This subtle cough denotes the persistence of the notes, and the perfume acquires a much more sophisticated look. Christian Dior Homme Intense has a dizzying effect.

Exuberant, strong and sophisticated, it is a perfume that awakens the senses of the men who wear it, but also of the women who feel the impregnating scents. The floral-woody notes are placed in a bottle with a lush design, specific to Christian Dior. Wearing this perfume, the power of seduction will know new heights, and the exclusive events will bear the imprint of the prestigious notes from the composition Christian Dior Homme Intense.

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