Winter Fragrance For Men 2016

The colder months demands a special perfume that is for sure. The best way to capture the attention of women is to smell good. If you want more than to capture attention, then you must smell really sensational.
I am sure that everyone knows what a good perfume, what he can do, what is useful and what is appreciated. Each perfume brand has a history, a story that was born after an event, pleasant or unpleasant, both liquor and packaging convey the message, or at least give you some clues. Of course, the fragrance is used to smell “perfume” that well. Perfume says more about the personality of a man, so choosing a suitable flavor is an important step. With more so as it is a proven fact that women are attracted to the way a man smells as associates it with its charm and character.

Dolce and Gabbana The One EDT for Men


Dolce & Gabbana The One Pour Homme is the perfect holiday gift for a man. Woody flavor seasoned with ginger, cedar and tobacco gives you a distinct air, masculine, stylish and elegant. D & G The One scent accompanies a perfect day outfit and excel original flavors, intense. Persistence is high withstanding up to 8 hours.

Hugo Boss – Bottled No. 6

It is a fragrance loved and appreciated by most of the men. It is elegant, sophisticated and alluring with a strong smell and a taste that perfectly combines urban style remembers, with aromas of musk and patchouli. Men love this perfume and women are seduced by him. We believe that every man should have at least once a bottle of perfume No. 6 Bottled at home.

Loris Azzaro – Chrome

This perfume with woodsy and citrus is perfect for an event that required dress code, and for a meeting in the city. It is a very interesting fragrance that brings the fresh flavor of the forest, but not too clingy, so it is suitable to wear even in the office. A great choice for winter times, no doubt.

Ralph Lauren – Polo Blue

Polo Blue fragrance is perfect for men who want to attract attention. Long complimented, this fresh scent is designed for free-spirited men.

Hermes – Terre d’Hermes

If you want a perfume that seems to combine all the elements, then you found it! Terre d’Hermes is a sophisticated fragrance that blends perfectly with the citrus flavors of wood, in a manner so you can jump right into the nature around a campfire. Particularly sensual nature will guarantee a lot of compliments, the more that you can wear in any occasion.

Tom Ford – Noir


This fragrance is perfect for men stylish, mysterious and full of class. Contrasting its aromas of bergamot, violet, black pepper oil gives every man a note serious and mysterious. It is considered one of the most complex masculine fragrance that exudes elegance and stability. It is an exceptional choice for winter times. An interesting, courageous and seductive man will always have at home this perfume among other favorite scents.

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